7 Ways to Keep Children Safe at Home

7 Ways to Keep Children Safe at Home are listed and carefully explicated in this article. You will find this informative and helpful.

Child Safety Guidelines

How to Keep Children Safe at Home 

7 Ways to Keep Children Safe at Home
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The rate of domestic accidents in homes in recent times has been quite alarming, we read in the news every time about one domestic accident or the other and we are left to wonder what parent would intentionally allow his child to get hurt.

Objectively looking around, we realize that the domestic accidents that happen to our children are often a result of negligence either by parents or children so it is essential that we take note of the following safety tips for your home to prevent further domestic accidents.

Before we list some of these guidelines, we will define “domestic accidents”. A domestic accident is a negative unexpected event that happens around our houses.

1. Electricity

This is one of the most dangerous causes of home accidents yet it remains neglected. Electricity is very dangerous in the home if it is not properly managed.

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When the cords of your electrical appliances are faulty, do your best to replace them if not they will end up causing electric shock especially when you do not expect it.

More importantly, if you have younger children around, you should not even allow a faulty electrical gadget to be within reach because they may play with it.

2. Sharp Objects

Your home should have a special hideaway place where sharp objects are kept as they can cause deep cuts. Keep these objects out of children’s reach; after you finish using them, you should do your best to return them to their original position. Sharp Objects includes; Knives, razor blades, scissors, broken bottle or glass, pins, needles, etc.

3. Drugs

although it is used to treat sicknesses, it is often advised to keep them out of reach of children as they may take an overdose of these drugs. The drugs should not just be kept high but locked to avoid them falling into the hands of children.

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4. Hot Substances

Children should not be allowed to go near where hot objects are; even though they are to be there, they should be properly guided knowing that if any hot liquid pours upon someone, it usually leaves the skin in a bad condition. Children should not be allowed to have a hot bath without adequate supervision.

5. Darkness

Where there is no light, stumbling is inevitable. Every area of the house should be properly lit to avoid stumbling and falling.

When there is no adequate light, the house would be dark and one may not be able to direct his path without stumbling.

6. Fire

Children naturally have the tendency to play with fire; they should be guided so that they do not get burnt by fire. The cooking area should be protected against the intrusion of children.

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7. Information

Sometimes, the cause of accidents is that children do not know some of the safety measures that exist. Children should equally be taught how to protect themselves against accidents at home as well as how they can help themselves in the case of accidents.

Every home should have a First Aid box and every parent should have a basic knowledge of First Aid just in case there is an accident at an ungodly hour of the day.

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