4 Important Parenting principles

4 Important Parenting principles are listed and explicated in this article and we hope you find them informative and able to satisfy your research needs.

Important Parenting principles

Important Rules of Parenting

4 Important Parenting principles
Important Parenting principles – Photo Source: https://momsforsharedparenting.org

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You may want to argue that there is no hard and fast set of rules for parenting and that is agreeable. This is because children are not all the same and the differences in personalities make it impossible to put parenting on the one size fits all wagon. It is for this reason also that smart parents use different approaches for different kids.

However, this article will point out four important rules of parenting. These rules are like the must-haves of a first aid box or an engineering toolbox.

Parents need to have known these rules or take out time to learn and internalize them to be able to do well in the task of parenting.

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4 Important Parenting principles:

1. Exemplary Character

One of the most potent ways to impact kids or inculcate certain behaviors and values into children is to be an example.

As a parent, you should be able to answer the following questions in the affirmative. Is my lifestyle worthy of emulation? Am I a good role model? Children do great at emulating the adults around them.

This is why after the first few weeks at school, they mimic their teachers, turn the walls of your sitting room into a blackboard and scribble away with their colored crayons. Because this is what they often see their teachers do! What characters and habits are they picking up from you?

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2. Do all you can to keep your words

An older friend once told me that promises do not expire. This holds in many situations especially when children are involved.

Did you promise your kid some snack, try to get one for him/her on your way home. By so doing, you build their trust and confidence in you.

If your child(ren) trusts you, half of the friction you would have experienced in the task of parenting is gone. Trust is the oil of many a relationship. It smoothens communication and fosters great confidence.

3. Good listening skills

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A good listener is not one that is quick to reel out his opinion before the talker drives home his point. Due to the experiences of parents, they mostly feel that their child(ren) do(es) not have anything reasonable to say. Children want to hear.

They want their parents to stoop in humility, patiently come down to their level, and see things from their perspective. Any parent who is able to do this will soon become the strongest influencer and all-time confident of his/her children.

That way, they would have conquered much of the damage peer influence and pressure is capable of doing to young people.

4. Reward good behavior

The reward system has been known to be a very powerful way to get people to do what is right. Rewards are great incentives and motivations for children.

For instance, if you notice your kid does not like to study but loves video games, cartoons, and animal documentaries.

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A simple way to get him to study would be to buy him a video game and let him play for two hours after every one and a half-hour of studying and completing his homework. This works like a magic wand.

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