How to Start a Football Viewing Center

Guide on How to Start a Football Viewing Center
How to Start a Football Viewing Center is given in this article to guide you with the procedures…

How to Start a Football Viewing Center is given in this article to guide you with the procedures required in setting up a football viewing.

Viewing Centre Business in Nigeria

How to Start a Football Viewing Center
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How to Start a Viewing Center Business in Nigeria:

  1. Get a suitable Location
  2. Set Up The Place
  3. Purchase TV Sets and Cable TV Network
  4. Buy Standby Generator and UPS.
  5. Purchase a Blackboard or Whiteboard

Football is a uniting game and Nigerians love football. We all have our favorite football clubs such as Gunners FC, Chelsea FC, Barcelona FC, Man United, etc.

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Although some can’t afford to buy/subscribe to cable TVs and resort to seeing these matches in a football viewing center.

But, a larger population, can afford to buy/subscribe to cable TVs and see these live matches in their homes. But instead, prefer to see these matches with football fanatics in order to socialize, argue, and interact more with fans, (some say it bores to see live matches alone) thereby making them enjoy the game more.

This is why a football viewing center is always filled up during live matches in Nigeria. Owing to the love for football among Nigerians, setting up a football viewing center could be very lucrative and worth investing in.

Let’s take for instance your football viewing center has a sitting capacity of 200 persons and your customers pay N100 per match. Multiply N100 by 200, which means you’ll be making the sum of #20000 per match! Isn’t that whopping?

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When you can have more than 15 top club matches, especially during weekends, aside from competition amongst countries. Most football fanatics long to believe in some of these matches but have not been auspicious.

A football viewing center is a means of bringing fans together just as fans are brought together in football stadiums to support and cheer up their favorite teams.

Setting up this business is a mutualistic relationship because, you are making people happy and as well, putting money in your pocket (earning a living).

Don’t forget that there are competitors around you in this business. Therefore, this article is aimed at giving you the step-by-step procedures for setting up a prolific football viewing center and being top-rated amongst your competitors.

How to Start a Football Viewing Center in Nigeria:

1. Get a suitable Location

Locate a very populated neighborhood or area with a lot of football fanatics. Also, ensure your location has a good space for expansion because, when you have an opportunity of space, you have an edge over others.

Let your football viewing center be spacious enough to contain numerous viewers. If you have such a space, all you need is to set it up adequately for the optimal convenience of match viewers.

It is also very necessary to provide shelter, either with wood or cement and blocks. Aim big! Anticipate for a range of 100 – 200 viewers. Ensure your viewers are not affected by weather conditions either rain or sun, they should always be comfortable.

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2. Set Up The Place

In this stage, you have to get the place conducive for viewers. To ensure they don’t patronize your competitors.

Plastic chairs get damaged by viewers in the course of goal celebrations/arguments. Therefore, it is advisable to use wooden chairs/benches.

Get a carpenter to construct a numerous number of wooden chairs/benches. Other things you need to put in place include:

a. Ensure the place is well ventilated

Provide ceiling fans, standing fans, or air conditioners and ventilation channels in the building to avoid the inconvenience of viewers.

b. You can floor the ground with tiles to make your viewing center attractive and suitable for all classes of viewers.

c. Apply air freshener from time to time in your center to eradicate odor.

3. Purchase TV Sets and Cable TV Network

There are various cable television networks in Nigeria. These include:

DSTV, GOTV, Strong, MyTV, HiTV, CTL, DaarSat, Startimes, and lots more. DSTV is the best and advisable for this business because it covers all popular league channels. This will enable you to show numerous matches at the same time.

Also, buy 2-3 flat-screen television of large screen inches with high resolution. The inches should be up to 42inches so as to make far viewers see clearly. You might decide to use a projector as well. It’s a good idea.

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4. Buy Standby Generator and UPS.

Another important thing you need to do is to provide an alternative source of power in case of a power outage. This is very essential.

Buy a durable generator as your alternative power supply source. It is also important to buy a durable UPS to keep the TVs on while trying to restore power when there is an outage.

5. Purchase a Blackboard or Whiteboard

It is highly essential to buy a blackboard or white marker board to write all upcoming matches and fixtures for display outside your viewing center.

This will help fans not to miss out on any match, knowing exactly when it will kick off.

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Having set up your Football Viewing Center, here are some additional tips for you:

  1. You may decide to sell cold drinks and small chops in your viewing center. Viewers love taking such while viewing matches. This can help boost your sales.
  2. Treat your customers well. Also, train your sales, girls/boys, to be friendly with your customers.

Some people love to bet on upcoming games. You can as well include sports betting in your football viewing center. You can be an agent for bet9ja, Nairabet, etc. This will help satisfy their needs and boost your sales effectively.

We hope this was helpful to you!

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