Male Reproductive System Parts and Functions

Male  Reproductive System Parts and Functions are listed and explained in this article. These are for the purposes of…

Male  Reproductive System Parts and Functions are listed and explained in this article. These are for the purposes of knowledge and education.

Parts of the Male Reproductive System

Male Reproductive System Parts and Functions
Male Reproductive System Parts and Functions – Photo Source:

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The male reproductive is not limited to the visible ones. For a man to be complete, a lot of organs play important roles. These roles may be minor but they all matter.

The man’s external organs or genitals are the penis and scrotum, this does not mean that it is only the penis and scrotum that make the list.

The following are Components of The Male Reproductive System:

The Penis

This is the most common organ in a man’s body that even a toddler can identify. It is a spongy tissue but it usually becomes filled with blood and stands erect when either filled with urine or aroused.

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The Scrotum

This is a sac-like organ just below the penis of every man. This sac contains two balls called the testes. The essence of the scrotum sack is to protect the testes from harsh temperatures. It houses the testes and keeps them healthy. It’s often very rare to find people who have issues with their scrotum sac because it could be so disastrous.

The Testes

These are the two male testicles, the sperm production factory of the man. The testes contain highly packed seminiferous tubules within which sperm is produced.

These tubules end in a maze of ducts that flow into a single storage tube called the ‘epididymis’ on the surface of each testis.

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The Urethra

The size of the Urethra is often determined by the size of the penis. It is the passage for both urine and semen in a man.

Although the semen and the urine pass through the same tube, the urethra is designed in such a way that both the semen and urine do not mix up and this is made possible by some muscles responsible for controlling their flow into the Urethra.

The Cowper’s Gland

These are twin small structures that flank the Urethra. When a man is aroused, these glands produce a clear fluid that looks like mucus.

This fluid usually is seen at the tip of the penis. Up till this time, the main reason for this pre-ejaculatory fluid has not been proven scientifically but it is sometimes presumed to lubricate the urethra in order to make the passage of sperm more likely.

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In some men, this fluid carries sperm while in others, it doesn’t. The carriage of sperm however by this liquid makes the withdrawal method of contraception unreliable because the withdrawal method only stops the actual release of sperm into the body while ignoring the pre-ejaculation fluid which may contain sperm.

The Prostate Gland

This is the organ responsible for the production of some of the fluid in the semen that nourishes and transports sperm.

The Seminal Testicles

These are the two organs in the prostate glands whose secretion provides nutrients to the semen. The tubes of the seminal vesicle and the vas deferens on each side lead to the ejaculatory duct.

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The Vas Deferens

This is a tube that rises into the abdominal cavity.

Now you know the different reproductive organs of a man. We hope this was helpful for your research!

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