Postpartum Care After Vaginal Delivery

Postpartum Care After Vaginal Delivery is discussed in this article with points listed and carefully explained for your perusal.

Recovering from Delivery

Postpartum Care After Vaginal Delivery
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After delivery vaginal care is highly recommended for mothers. Hence, this article will list and explain these tips:

1. Take a sit bath frequency

This is a tub in which one bathes in a sitting posture; also it is considered a bath so taken especially therapeutically to reduce or remove the pain or an unpleasant feeling previously felt.

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This will make the problem less serious especially if the pain results from swelling, a tear, or episiotomy, a sitz bath is highly recommended. It involves the use of warm water in a large basin.

After the delivery, the nursing mother should soak her vagina in warm water which is the process of having a sitz bath. This activity will eventually rise the blood flow to all areas of the body. This can also lower inflammation, and restore the tissues quickly.

Some mothers often ask how a sitz bath can be done. It can be done in a clean bathtub or with a kit that was provided by the hospital during the antenatal period.

Using the kit, the nursing mother should keep a small size basin having a shallow surface over the toilet seat. Fill the shallow basin with water making sure that it is giving out heat to a moderate or adequate degree, then sit on it so that the vulva of the nursing mother and perineum are covered with water.

Alternatively, the woman can fill a large basin with warm water making sure that the basin is large enough to get to her hips and buttocks. When these areas or parts of the body are covered by water, the sitz bath makes the vagina more relaxed.

This procedure should last for 20 to 30 minutes and be repeated about three to four times in a day to enhance the healing process and is a necessity for ‘after delivery vaginal care’.

2. Use a spray bottle

During the process of delivery, an area of the vulva or the vagina (a woman’s private part) becomes very larger and even more than normal because of the injury like a cut during the delivery process.

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Often this condition of the vulva being larger than normal is caused by an injury or by something that rubs or scrapes against the skin or a deep cut or tear of the flesh through the delivery process.

This can make the act of urinating become a very discomforting, bad, displeasing, harsh, icky, nasty, rotten, sour, uncongenial, unpalatable, unpleasing, unsavory experience.

In this case, using a spray bottle which is a small handheld plastic squirt bottle or container where you have the liberty to urinate at any point in time is advisable.

In addition to the use of the spray bottle, the container can also be filled with water to a degree where it is giving off heat to a moderate degree or slightly warm water and spritz yourself while urinating to lessen the strength of the stinging and the potential of urine in the body. This lukewarm water is also capable of producing feelings of comfort or a sense of relief in the woman’s tender tissues.

It is also essential for the woman to stay away from or prevent the vagina from having any direct contact with water or even spraying the water straight into the vagina as this action can cause unpleasantness or make you feel uncomfortable or uneasy avoid unnecessary contact with the vagina.

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3. Use calming, comforting, dreamy, and tranquilizing sprays

Over-the-counter (OTC) lidocaine or benzocaine sprays such as dermoplast can also assist to lessen the pain that was caused by the tearing of the skin surface.

How to use it is to simply give the skin a rapid aerosol mist after having a quick bath then use a different pad and also use the hemorrhoids especially if you had previously been pushing for a long time then, it will be a great relief.

4. Use Ice packs

You can use a maxi pad-shaped made to be used once or only a few times and made to be thrown away after one use or several uses, these ice packs can be imputed in the woman’s pants to create a sense of relief as well.

Aspect from putting the ice packs into the pants, the lady can also wrap the ice pack with a soft provided it can take in and hold liquid or able to absorb liquid substances and icing for about 20 to 30 minutes or more as long as it helps in downgrading the pain.

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Use a witch hazel pad that has tannin chemicals that will also help to reduce swelling and prevent bacteria, reduces pain, and stops the existence of any form of infection in the vulva.

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