Salary Structure of Keystone Bank

Salary Structure of Keystone Bank gives an insight into the Salary Structure of Keystone Bank. We hope this…

Salary Structure of Keystone Bank gives an insight into the Salary Structure of Keystone Bank. We hope this meets your search.

Keystone Bank Salary

Keystone Bank Staff Salary

Salary Structure of Keystone Bank
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Today, another bank whose salary structure will be duly considered is Keystone bank. The bank was formerly called Platinum Habib Bank (Bank PHB). Keystone Bank is a commercial bank in Nigeria.

Keystone Bank is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the national banking regulator. The head office of Keystone bank is at Keystone House 1, Keystone Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos.

They have a commercial banking license with national authorization. Keystone Bank Limited was issued a commercial banking license by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on Friday 5 August 2011. That same day, the Central Bank of Nigeria revoked the banking license of Bank PHB.

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Keystone Bank assumed the assets and some liabilities of the now inactive Bank PHB. Interestingly, from the information gotten from its website, the bank maintains a network of over 150 business offices and locations in all the states of Nigeria.

With such a profile and many more, it is the dream of most graduates to work in this bank due to the kind of salary they pay their staff. Keystone bank is a go-to bank because of the mouthwatering allowances that they accrue to their staff.

Salary Structures of Keystone Bank

Entry-Level Staff’s Salary

Upon completion of the training meant to introduce you to the banking system, you will assume the rank of entry-level staff.

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Keystone bank pays its entry-level staff a monthly salary of N60, 000 – N75, 000 per month according to the department and unit the staff belongs to.

In considering the pay of this bank you will be amazed to realize that the bank has more monetary benefits than some other long-standing banks.

Graduate Trainees’ Salary

When you first get employed by a bank like Keystone bank, it is compulsory for you to undergo training. You will undergo some months of training which will introduce you to the banking system. As a trainee, Keystone Bank will pay you N43, 000 every month, while the training lasts.

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Loan Officers’ Salary

One such rank a staff can be promoted to is the loan officer’s rank. With the right qualification and experience, a staff of the Keystone Bank can be made a loan officer. Loan officers at the Central Bank are paid a monthly salary of N573, 000 per month.

Credit Analysts’ Salary

Another rank that is usually occupied by staff, is the credit analyst rank. Credit analysts get paid a lot of money. Keystone Bank pays its credit analyst N310, 000 per month.

Branch Managers’ Salary

The moment you get a promotion letter that tells you that you are a branch manager, you should kiss poverty goodbye because if you however become a branch manager at the Keystone Bank, you will be paid N732, 000 Naira per month.

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The salary gives a total of N8, 784, 000 per year in addition to some exclusive benefits that are specifically for the position. Though the position cones itself with a lot of responsibilities.

Keystone bank trains its staff periodically and regardless of the category of staff you belong to, an incentive is always given for reimbursement which is usually not a part of the monthly salary. This is why most Keystone staffs anticipate training.

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