Heritage Bank Salary Structure

Heritage Bank Salary Structure brings to your perusals Heritage Bank Plc Salary Structure. We hope you find it…

Heritage Bank Salary Structure brings to your perusals Heritage Bank Plc Salary Structure. We hope you find it helpful. happy reading!

Heritage Bank Plc Salary Structure

Heritage Bank Salary Structure
Heritage Bank Salary Structure – Photo Source: https://leadership.ng

The head office of Heritage Bank Plc is at 292b, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. They have a commercial banking license with national authorization and have a current total asset valuation estimated at about US$1.7+ billion (NGN: 483.4 billion).

Heritage Bank Plc Salary Structure

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The bank was formerly called Societe Generals Bank of Nigeria and when the bank was acquired, the top executives didn’t have to hire new staff rather they just doubled the salaries of the existing ones and retained them rather than spending a lot of money to train new staff.

It is with the leverage of the experience of the existing staff that the bank has been able to live up to prominence and stability since 2012.

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When you see the bank’s facilities all over the country, you’ll see excellence and creativity being displayed. You’ll see a quest to stand out and not fit in.

Though they do not have a lot of clients at the moment compared to other big guns, Heritage bank has been listed among the top ten most-paying banks in Nigeria. This is a company that is well structured and believes in rewards according to performance.

The bank trains staff to bring out the best in them and listen to suggestions even from the most junior person in the organization.

They consider teamwork a very important tool in their day-to-day running. Great Service Culture in general, a customer-focused bank. Opportunities for career growth are very encouraged and their pay is appreciable. Every member of the staff enjoys working in this promising financial institution.

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Heritage Bank Plc Salary Structure

Here is the Heritage Bank Plc Salary Structure:

Contract Staff’s Salary

Heritage Bank pays its contract staff around 55,000 Naira monthly and these categories of staff are not entitled to promotions despite the length of service in the bank.

The contract staff includes but is not limited to Corp members and IT students. After being employed as a graduate in Heritage Bank, just like other banks like Fidelity Bank, Zenith Bank, EcoBank, First bank GTB, and other new generation banks, you will be required to attend a compulsory four (4) months of Heritage Bank training school.

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The training has both theoretical, practical, and real-life training which provides the employees the preparedness required for the task ahead and adjusts to the internal working environment of the bank.

Towards the end of the 4 months of compulsory training at Heritage Bank training school, all trainees will be sent on a two weeks compulsory attachment at one of the Bank branches within the city and upon completion of the training, successful trainees are selected while the unsuccessful are sent home. During this training, trainees are not left without cash or stipends, they are paid.

Graduate Trainees’ Salary

Heritage Bank pays their Graduate Trainees N35, 000 monthly for the period of 4 months, this is to cater for their transport and other petty expenses.

Entry-Level Staff’s Salary

Heritage Bank pays its Entry-Level staff a sum of N95, 000 monthly and a total of N1, 140, 000 annually excluding other bonuses and profit sharing usually carried out towards their financial year-end.

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Most companies have different financial year-ends, not necessarily on the 31st of December. They have their respective way of calculating it.

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