FCMB Staff Salary Structure

FCMB Staff Salary Structure brings to your knowledge FCMB Salary Structure. In case you wish to work in…

FCMB Staff Salary Structure brings to your knowledge FCMB Salary Structure. In case you wish to work in FCMB, here you have helpful information.

FCMB Staff Salary Structure

FCMB Staff Salary Structure
FCMB Staff Salary Structure – Photo Source: https://mbscholars.com.ng

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Recently, there’s been an uproar over a misunderstanding of the First City Monument Bank as some former contract staff takes up advantage of some chat platform to damage the image of the bank on their salary structure.

Most of them claim that everyone is paid equally in this bank which is next to impossible. The claims made by the perpetrators of these criminal acts show that unless a valid salary structure is made public, the misconception might only lead to the successful regeneration of the bank’s image.

A brief history of this financial institution reveals that the bank acquired Finbank at a point in the quest to enlarge its tentacles. Their head office is located at Primose Towers, 17a, Tinubu Street, Lagos.

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They have a commercial banking license with international authorization. First City Monument Bank is popularly known as FCMB. It is one of the thriving banks in the country. It is also among those few banks that offer their workers numerous allowances.

FCMB’s Graduate Trainees’ Salary

No matter how good the résumé of someone was or his or her grades in school, no one working in a bank enters the system without undergoing some sort of training. Every bank makes training compulsory at least especially the first two months and FCMB is not an exception.

During this training or probation period, graduate trainees get paid N46, 000 per month. The training lasts for more than 1 month, but less than 1 year.

FCMB Salary Structure and Entry Level

After a newbie has successfully completed his or her training at FCMB, he or she becomes an entry-level staff, and on getting to this point, the person’s take-home package is automatically upgraded. Entry-level staff at FCMB are paid N115, 000 per month. This amounts to N1, 380,000 per annum.

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FCMB Loan Officers’ Salary

The salary that is received by Loan officers at FCMB is a lot more than that of entry-level staff. Loan officers at FCMB get paid N541, 000 per month. This sums up to N6, 492,000 per annum.

FCMB Credit Analysts’ Salary

Only a handful of people become credit analysts, compare to the total number of people working in the bank. Credit Analysts get paid a very pleasing salary of N610, 000 per month. This monthly salary sums up to N7, 320,000 per year.

FCMB Branch Managers’ Salary

The aspiration of many bank workers is to become a branch manager someday. Because you become the Oga at the top when you get there. Every bank worker wants this position because of the enormous salary received by branch managers.

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Branch managers at First City Monument Bank (FCMB) earn N690, 000 per month. Aside from their monthly salary, they are also offered handsome allowances more than other staff.

As with other companies, FCMB as well as other banks pays for quality service delivery. The bank may decide to underpay someone when his or her service delivery is reviewed and discovered that it does not match up to the standard remuneration, they could also overpay the one who works tirelessly to ensure quality service delivery.

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