Citi Bank Salary Structures in Nigeria

Citi Bank Salary Structures in Nigeria brings to you Citi Bank Salaries. This will guide you if you…

Citi Bank Salary Structures in Nigeria brings to you Citi Bank Salaries. This will guide you if you will wish to work with Citibank sooner or later in life.

CitiBank Nigeria Salary

Citi Bank Salary Structure
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Citi Bank Nigeria is a member of the American Business Council (ABC) and its headquarters is at 27, Kofo Abayomi Street, Charles S. Sankey House, Victoria Island, Lagos.

It has had its presence in Nigeria since 1984. Citi Bank is the oldest existing international bank in Nigeria, with service bank branches spread across the nation.

Of all the banks in Nigeria, none has the credentials of sacrifice as this international bank. Citi Bank is committed to the needs of the communities in which they operate.

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The bank has developed an Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) Policy that involves environmental due diligence, categorization requirements, elevated review and approval requirements for the following transaction types which include corporate and government loans, equity transactions, project finance, acquisition finance, letters of credit, project finance advisory mandates, bid and performance bonds, etc.

In 2003, Citi Bank was pivotal to the development of the global Equator Principles. These act as guidelines for managing environmental and social risk issues.

They are utilized for the funding of development programs, such as project financing and advisory with capital costs of over US$10 million.

They singlehandedly upgraded the library at Government Senior College Victoria Island as part of Lagos State Project 350 initiative.

Their achievements sum up the fact that they can handle their staff’s salary better than any other bank in Nigeria. Let’s get to the main reason for writing this article.

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Citi Bank Salary Structures

Here is Citi Bank Salary Structures:

Entry-level staff’s Salary

In the salary level, Citi bank Nigeria has surprised other bigger banks in Nigeria as they lead in the payment structure. Entry-level staff at Citi bank earns between the sum of N95, 000 naira, and N120, 000.

The differences that exist in pay are due to the task that departments within the bank have. Some departments have greater responsibility and by extension, greater pay than others.

A good example of this phenomenon is seen in the Transport and loan recovery department. The higher the responsibility the higher the pay.

Graduate Trainees’ Salary

Graduate trainees at Citi Bank earn between N60, 000 to N85, 000 every month during their training period. After the training period or probation period, their salaries are reviewed and they earn a salary range of between N102, 000 and N145, 000 every month.

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Banker Tellers’ Staff

Banker Tellers earn an average salary of N80, 000 – N95, 000 monthly.

Customer Service Officer’s Salary

Customer Service Officers smile home by the end of the month with their 75,000 – 90,000 salary for a job well done.

Digital Marketers’ Salary

Digital Marketer – The digital marketers who work to promote and market the bank as far as technology is concerned earn between N80, 000 – N90, 000 monthly.

Senior banking executives are paid as much as N450, 000, and above excluding bonuses and other profit-sharing that are accrued to staff.

The basic level staff earns between N105, 000 and N140, 000 monthly according to their sections and unit. The income of staff may also be reviewed after a while as long as the staff remains in the body of the organization.

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The Contract Staff in this bank earns a total sum of N45, 000 monthly which amounts to N540, 000 monthly. They are not entitled to any raise or bonuses from the company because just as their names imply, they are in the bank just on a contract basis

In working with this prestigious bank, you stand a chance of being exposed to the international standard of doing things which sets you on a high pedestal of standing out in the midst of others.

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