Fidelity Bank Salary Structure in Nigeria

Fidelity Bank Salary Structure in Nigeria is discussed herein. In case you are planning to work in Fidelity…

Fidelity Bank Salary Structure in Nigeria is discussed herein. In case you are planning to work in Fidelity bank, this will give you prior knowledge.

Fidelity Bank Nigeria Salary Structure

Fidelity Bank Salary Structure in Nigeria
Fidelity Bank Salary Structure in Nigeria – Photo Source:

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A Former General Manager at Fidelity bank had this to say about the bank. Fidelity Bank is an international bank founded over 30 years ago.

It has over the years made impressionable marks in the Nigerian financial landscape and is today one of the few banks qualified by the central bank as too big to fail.

The bank has also over the years been voted in the Nigerian financial horizon as the best place to work.

The labor turnover is minimal because it pays industry competitive salaries and promotes enhanced staff welfare and other conditions of service.

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This actually led to my staying there for over 12 years. There is also stability on the board and senior management. Since its inception, the present MD/CEO is the third.

The place is forward-looking and highly computerized and parades the best IT personnel in the industry. Manpower training in Fidelity is treated with premium.

In the 12 years I was there I was privileged to attend so many offshore enhancement training in the USA (severally), UK (severally), India, Malaysia, Greece, etc. in addition to locally organized workshops. In 2013 for instance I attended international training for CFOs in NYC.

The corporate philosophy is predicated on its Vision; to be number one in every market we serve and for every branded product we offer; and the Mission.

Every staff understands that the customer is the reason for being employed and the customer is therefore given a paramount position in the scheme of things. It pays to work in a company where your welfare is not just limited to the cash you get at the end of the month.

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Your self-esteem should be built at a place where you work rather than being crushed. Truly, Fidelity keeps their word. The payment of their staff is prompt and their pay package is superb.

Fidelity Bank is among the pay that pays its employees well. According to an estimate, their salary structure is about the average threshold of the salary of other banks in Nigeria

It is worth noting that Fidelity bank, just like most other banks, has different levels of staff, and the salary threshold is in accordance with the level of the staff.

There are two major categories of bank staff among many classifications, which are temporary staff and permanent staff.

Fidelity Bank Salary Structure

Here are Fidelity Bank Salary Structures:

Interns/IT Students’ Salary

Their monthly salary is within the range of N10, 000 – N15, 000.

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Graduate Trainees’ Salary

Graduate trainees earn about N60, 000 monthly.

Entry-level Staff’s Salary

The entry-level staff category earns a monthly salary package of N140, 000.

They are also entitled to discretionary annual bonuses, as well as other benefits that may or may not include performance incentives, free healthcare, etc.

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