Union Bank Salary Structure

Union Bank Salary Structure is brought to your perusal. Before you proceed to submit your application, you might…

Union Bank Salary Structure is brought to your perusal. Before you proceed to submit your application, you might wish to check this.

Union Bank Salary Scale

Union Bank Nigeria Salary Structure

Union Bank Salary Structure
Union Bank Salary Structure – Photo Source: http://nationaljournal.ng

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As against the popular beliefs of Union bank being a government-owned bank, Union Bank is owned by Union Global Partners Limited with the head office located at Stallion Plaza, 36 Marina, Lagos.

The bank has a commercial banking license with international authorization the bank provides opportunities for creativity and innovation.

It offers a good work-life balance. There is no day or time to waste at work in this bank due to the fact that they have a limited number of branches and the queue is always a long one.

As an employee with this bank, you have to attend to customers who have accounts and other relationships with the bank just like other banks. And while you attend to the customers, you need to put on your best smile to impress the client you are facing.

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The management of Union bank has created an enabling environment for staff members to actualize their dreams. Like every other job, it has its challenges.

There can be so much work in the day that one closes later than usual. Basically, this article is about the salary structure of Union Bank of Nigeria.

Union Bank has existed for a pretty long time in the Nigerian Banking system and it is one of the oldest Banks in the country.

It is the wish of most graduates and job seekers to work in a Bank due to the sort of salary they pay their employees. The basic level salary of Union Bank is reasonable compared to what employees get in other top banks in Nigeria.

The Bank sector, often referred to as Money Making Industry is one of the best-paying companies in conditions of salary.

Although in recent times, there have been dissimilarities in the salary of bank employees in Nigeria as no specific rule compels banks to have a fixed price for staff.

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Union Bank Salary Structures

Here are Union Bank Salary Structures: 

Basic-level Personnel’s Salary

Union bank pays staff in this level N180, 000 every month according to office and unit.

There are also benefits and allowances that Union Bank gives and staff are also entitled to go on leave break

Entry-level staff’s Salary

Every Entry level staff in Union bank takes home at the end of the month a whopping sum of N142, 000.

Graduate Trainees’ Salary

For Graduate trainees, Union bank pays a monthly salary of N49, 000 – N56, 000 while they still continue to receive on-the-job training and after the training, their salaries are reviewed as they continue to work with the institution.

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Marketers’ Salary 

Marketers get approximately N75, 000 depending on the branch they work in and if they meet the target set for them by the bank, additional commissions will be given to them.

Branch Managers’ Salary

The branch managers and other top personnel earn up to about N700, 000 – N900, 000 in addition to other basic allowances to make life easier for them.

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