Herbs And Spices Plant That Are Useful To The Body

Herbs And Spices Plant That Are Useful To The Body are listed and explicated in this article. We hope you find it informative.

List of herbs and spices and their health benefits

Herbs And Spices Plant That Are Useful To The Body
Herbs And Spices Plant That Are Useful To The Body – Photo Source: https://www.pinterest.com

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Herbs and spices are derived from plants. There are used in food preparation to enhance the taste, flavor, and aroma of the food prepared.

Often some of these herbs and spices are used to marinate meats to enhance their flavor of the meat. In some cases, herbs and spices are added to the prepared food.

The choice of time decides the effect it will give a particular food. The choice of time decides the effect it will give a particular food. Listen to the comments of your clients and you will be guided on how and when these herbs and spices are to be applied.

Some whet the appetite and make you enjoy what you eat. Indians use a lot of these herbs and spices in their meals which otherwise could have tasted bland.

The re are also medicinal depending on what you are afflicted with people know through years of patronage and knowledge of herbs what will treat what.

This article will focus on some Herbs and Spices plants that are useful to the body as each will be considered.

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Herbs And Spices Plants That Are Useful To The Body:


Garlic must be used judiciously. It is used primarily in continental cookery, for pasta, sauces, and casseroles. When used for fish dishes, it must be used sparingly.

In the cooking of poultry and game, garlic is combined with other robust flavors to enhance their flavor. Most soup enjoys the patronage of garlic.

the preparation 0f some vegetables, garlic enhances their flavor. Salad dressings especially French dressing make use of garlic to enhance flavor. Garlic is used 1n preparing pizza, pickled egg, in sauces especially the ones used for pasta.


Parsley unlike garlic can be used freely in stuffing and casseroles, in fish cakes, and stuffing for poultry and game. It looks attractive on soups When used as a garnish. In a dish of new potatoes and celery, parsley mixed with butter can be added to the mixture.

In most salads, parsley is used just as you do in most cheese dishes, omelets, and sauces for ham, chicken, and fish.


This is used sparingly in the cooking of meats such as roast lamb, tripe, and kidneys. It is used in combination with other herbs to marinate salmon, eel, and mackerel.

A little of it is good inside roast before roasting and in the stuffing. Minestrone, a kind of soup, can do with a little rosemary to enhance the taste.

Rosemary is used in vegetables like sauté potatoes, beans, spinach, and tomatoes. It is used in cottage and cream cheeses and apple jelly, jams, herb tea, fruit salads, wine or cider cups, and vegetable cocktail.

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Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is used in marinades for beef, poultry, and game. It is used in the cookery of casseroles and kebabs. When it is put in soups, remove it before serving.


It is advised that you use this carefully in stuffing for pork, duck, goose, and turkey. Use it in the cooking of chicken, turtle, mushroom soups, and fish chowder. Sage is used in many cheese dishes.


This should also be used carefully in the marinade for steak, casseroles, many fish dishes, chicken, liver pate, and hare.


It is good in thick soups, tomatoes, and sautés vegetables. Use this very carefully for all types of fish, in stuffing for chicken, rabbit, and bear.


This red spice is prepared from ground-dried chili peppers. It is hot-tasting and pungent. It should be used sparingly in meat dishes, gravies, mince, shellfish, chicken dishes, all soups, baked beans, vegetable curries, and other dishes where you require its effect.

Celery Seeds

This spice is used whole and it is slightly bitter. It is used in casseroles, most fish dishes, and meat soups.

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This comes in stick or ground. It is sweet and spicy. It is often used in ham glaze and pork.


It can be used whole or ground and it is strong and spicy. It is used in the preparation of ham and tongue.


This spice comes in powder form and it is strong and spicy. It is used in the preparation of casseroles, left-over meat dishes, and meatloaves. It is good in shellfish, devilled fish, chicken, apple, tomato soups, and vegetable curries.


This spice is used chopped or powdered. It is hot, rich, and aromatic. It is used in the preparation of curries, many fish dishes, in the preparation of duck and chicken.


This is a yellow or brown paste made from crushed mustard seeds. It is hot and Pungent-tasting. In meat preparation, mustard can be used for beef, ham, bacon, frankfurters, and cold meats. This spice also comes in handy in the preparation of lentils, mushrooms, chicken soup, and cream of celery.


It is used whole or ground. It is sweet and spicy. This spice can be used for meats such as veal and meat and meatloaves for good results.

It is put in fish cakes, croquettes, chicken, spinach, carrots, beans, scrambled eggs, cheese sauce, and baked goods such as cakes, pies, puddings, and doughnuts. The addition of it to milk, egg nog, and puddings is a delight.

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This comes whole or ground and it is strong. In Nigeria, we have a variety of these included in prepared sauces and dishes.

Most meats such as beef, fish, poultry, and games enjoy the generous inclusion of this spice. It is put in most vegetable dishes, most dressings and salads, many cheese dishes, many egg dishes, most sauces, and most preserves.

In conclusion, Some of these herbs and spices aid digestion while some create some effects of comfort while you have eaten the food in which there are used. Herbs and Spices Plant is very useful to the body and is tasteful depending on their preparation.

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