Processes of Book Publishing in Nigeria

Processes of Book Publishing in Nigeria will be discussed here to guide those who have written a book but…

Processes of Book Publishing in Nigeria will be discussed here to guide those who have written a book but are unable to publish it.

Processes of publishing a book

Processes of Book Publishing in Nigeria
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After writing a book, a question pops into the head of every writer who wants to be an author, ‘How do I publish my book?’ Most persons are unable to find genuine answers to their questions and this leads to the forfeiture of the dream.

Publishing in simple terms is the act of making a written or recorded work available in mass for the general public. Publishing work is not as tedious as some authors claim it is, but there are a few things you need to consider in publishing your book some of them are:

1. Is my script ready?

It is not enough to write a book, you should give out some or all parts of your script for proofreading by better readers. No matter how good you are with your use of English, you still need to submit your work to those you trust or hire the service of an editor to thoroughly edit your script and turn it into a finished book.

Remember that you are writing your book for others and not yourself, this is why you must be sure that your book is ready and passes the actual message that it was intended to pass.

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2. What is my budget?

In publishing a book, writers have the choice of flexibility. You can decide whether you are capable of producing so many copies of the work or just a limited number. Your budget would determine the answer to the next question.

3. Am I self-publishing or giving it to a publishing house?

Publishing is done in two major ways; either by self or with the help of a publishing firm. Howbeit, it is your answer to the previous question that determines your answer to this.

Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. For this work, we will just look at self-publishing.

Self-publishing is the act of publishing your work by yourself without the interference of any person or group of persons. If you are ready to publish your book by yourself, this article is for you.

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Processes of Book Publishing in Nigeria

1. Get an ISBN for your book

ISBN simply means International Standard Book Number. This number helps list your book amongst the international standard books thereby helping in the numbering on the shelf.

However, before you proceed to get the ISBN, you should first patent your content to avoid plagiarism, copyright, or piracy.

2. Design a book cover

Your book will be sold to hundreds, thousands, or millions of people. These people have different tastes for colors, you have to make your book cover design appealing such that everyone will want to have a peek at your book at mere sight.

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3. Go to a printing press

You do not have the machinery required to publish your book at home which is why you have to visit a printing press with your script. Get their costing and compare prices.

You can choose from the wide range of products they have and make a credible selection for how you want your book to be.

4. Follow up on the press

Some printing presses could mess up your work and yet charge you for it. If you must publish your book yourself, you need to follow these guys up thoroughly to ensure that perfection and nothing else is what you get from the work you pay for.

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5. Market your book

Being a self-publisher means that your marketing will be done strictly by yourself. You need to find a way to get your book from the shelves to the hands of people and one of the ways to do this is simply by marketing using talk shows, social media ads, etc.

We wish you success!

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