Best Course to Study in Nigerian Polytechnics

Best Course to Study in Nigerian Polytechnics
List of Courses to Study in Nigeria will be explained in this article. This will guide your choice…

List of Courses to Study in Nigeria will be explained in this article. This will guide your choice of course.

Best Course to Study in Polytechnics

Best Course to Study in Nigerian Polytechnics
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Nigerian Polytechnics have obtainable courses that are studied depending on the requirements set by the institution.

The best course to study in any Polytechnic in Nigeria also depends on the infrastructural capacity of the Federal Polytechnics, State Polytechnics, and private Polytechnics.

According to the data analysis carried out by the joint admission matriculation board (jamb), research shows as of 2019, federal polytechnics are rated 26, state polytechnics are rated 45 polytechnics with NCE program are rated 8 and private polytechnics are rated 41, making it a total of 120 polytechnics in Nigeria.

In most cases, the courses undertaken have high or equal demands. Thus, it is sacrosanct to consider the best course to study in Nigerian Polytechnic.

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Best Course to Study in Nigerian Polytechnics

Technically speaking, these 120 Polytechnics have specific requirements for several courses and basically deal with more practical analysis which is more preferred than the theoretical analysis.

A good example is Building Technology has specific requirements only by 46 Polytechnics across the Nigeria Polytechnics.

The course requirement for Building Technology are Mathematics and Physics are any three of the following: Economics/Commerce, Technical Drawing/Fine Art, Chemistry, Geography, Further Mathematics Woodwork, Biology, Religious Knowledge, Metal Work, and at least a credit pass in the English Language is Compulsory. The knowledge of art or Technical Drawing is an added advantage.

This requirement makes building and technology to be more preferred and termed as the best course in Nigeria Polytechnic. At the elementary level, building and technology have Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as its core subjects.

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Hence, research shows that exactly 46 Polytechnics have meant the specific requirement for the courses building technology, it becomes more practical and can replace other fields of study with due attention.

Various Polytechnics are Abiapoly, Ag-Poly, Akpoly, Atapoly, Auchipoly, Ben-Poly, Fedpo-Ado, Fedpo- Aiu, Fedpo-Bau, Fedpo-Bid, Fedpo-Ede, Fedpo-Ffa, Fedpo-Ida, Fedpo-Ila, Fedpo-Mub, Fedpo-Nam, Fedpo-Nas, Fedpo-Nek, Fedpo-Oko, Fideipoly, Heritage, Rugipo, Ibd-Poly, Imt-Enu, Jig-Poly, Kad-Poly, Kan-Poly, Kat-Poly, Kogi-Poly, Kwa-Poly, Laspotech, Mapoly, Naspotec , Naites, Nbpz, Nict, Oke-Ogun Poly, Osunpoly , Osuntech, Ozoro, Pls-Poly, Uas-Poly, Ramat-Poly, Wufpobk, Yabatech, and Zungeru which are abbreviated above and have been proved by relevant authorities to have met the specific requirement for building technology to be undertaken in these Polytechnics.

In any Nigeria Polytechnics, Building technology does not just have ordinary ideas about building but advanced teaching with practical analysis in Building.

This is because it is not enough to have an idea about building but a technological idea makes this course very vital.

Surprisingly, Bricklaying, Plumbing, Painting and Decoration, Carpentry, Wood, Machinery, and Furniture Crafts are also taken into consideration in the field of Building technology.

Other NABTEB trade such are Block Laying & Concreting, Carpentry & Joinery, Plumbing and Pipe filling are based on building technology including Technical Drawing is important for building Architectural Technology which happens to be a different field of study is part of building technology.

Also, building technology does not give adequate skills in Building Construction and creates room for innovation on Furniture Crafts.

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Building Technology is studied especially by diligent folks who are capable of providing solutions to wrong and collapsed buildings in Nigeria as this will go a long way to reduce certain environmental disasters caused by collapsed buildings.

The chances of beginning employment are very high because technology in Nigeria fields such as Building Technology is vital and realistic.

Beyond reasonable doubt, the best course to study in Nigerian Polytechnic which is acquired in the field of education and will is equipped with relevant skills in Building Technology.

We hope this has explained the Best Course to Study in Nigerian Polytechnics!

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