Top 5 Best Courses to Study in Nigeria

5 Best Courses to Study in Nigeria
Top 5 Best Courses to Study in Nigeria will be examined in this article. This will guide your…

Top 5 Best Courses to Study in Nigeria will be examined in this article. This will guide your choice of course in Nigeria.

Best course to study in Nigeria

5 Best Courses to Study in Nigeria
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Here are the 5 Best Courses to Study in Nigeria:


First, in the aspect of administration, one field of study that has been ignored in Nigeria for many years is Tourism due to a lack of adequate information on the relevance of this course which is recently considered one of the best courses to study in Nigeria.

Many universities have adopted tourism as one of their fields of study and others will in due time follow suit. These institutions simply met the specific requirements for this course.

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It is interesting to note that Tourism as a field of study has various dimensions such as transport, tourism, hotel, and tourism management which is currently studied by only 2 institutions, hotel management, and tourism by only 1 institution, hospitality, and tourism management by only 3 institutions, tourism and event management by only 2 institutions and transport and tourism by only 1 institution.

Second, the study of several courses in agriculture has to a large extent transformed Nigeria with several ideas to boost food sufficiency.

Agricultural Economics and Extension

Thus, the study of Agricultural Economics and Extension is very vital and considered one of the best courses.

It is basically studied in the following institutions, absu, adsu, coou, Aksu (offers the course with the following options) i. Agricultural Economics Ii. Agricultural Extension, Bauchi, Bayero , Calabar, Ebsu, Esutech, Jabu , Lapai,

Lautech, Makurdi offers the course as Agric. Economics and Management Tech. with options in:

  • Economics and Extension
  • Extension and Communication Agribusiness Management
  • Agric Marketing and Cooperatives, Mauty, Minna, Nasarawa, Phc, Rsust, Tsuj, Eksu, and Uyo.

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Arts, Humanities and French

Third, Arts and humanities and French are some of the best courses to study in Nigeria, especially with German/Russian offered by the following institutions Aau, Abu, Absu, Basu, Bayero, Babcock, Benin, Bsu, Calabar, Covenant, Crown-Hill, Delsu, Ebsu, Eksu, Fed-Lafia, Fed-Ndufu, Fountain, Gregory, Ibadan, Ilorin, Jos, Kasu, Kwasu, Lagos, Lapai, Maiduguri, Nasarawa, Oau, Oou, Phc, Pol-Acad, Tsuj, Udu , Umyuk, Uniosun, Unn, Uyo. Also, French and International Studies have Uniosun, French with German / Russian is studied in Ibadan and UNN.

Guidance and Counseling

Fourth, Education has guidance and counseling as the best course for reasons that this field of study is relevant in both private and public sectors and even in churches today.

This is true that guidance and counseling are not just a course but a calling to help counsel humanity. Guidance and counseling are offered by the following universities Aau, Abuja, Aaua, Adeyemi, Aocoe , Al-Hikmah, Coou, Babcock, Bsu, Crutech, Delsu, Ebsu, Edalv, Edobudu, Esutech, Fc-Pankshin, Fc-Okene, Fed-Kashere, Iaued, Ibadan, Ikere-Ekiti, Ila-Orangun, Mocpen, Imsu, Eacoe, Jos, Kwcoe, Kwascoe, Lagos, Lcity, Nasarawa, Nscoe, Nsugbe, Ndu, Oau, Oou, Oyospecial, Sacoed, Sosu, Tansian, Tasued ( With options Listed In Educ. Mgt.), Eksu, Uniosun, Unizik, Unn, Uyo, Verita has Counsellor Education, Ilorin, and Lapai.

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Fifth, Law is another best course to be studied in Nigeria. The best aspect of this discipline is that it has several aspects that allow one to fully understand the courses to a large extent.

This includes Civil Law, Common, and Islamic Law, Common Law, International Law and Jurisprudence, Islamic Law/Sharia Law, Private and Islamic Law, and Public and International Law. Civil Law is studied by Abu, Calabar, Ebsu, Maiduguri, Oou, Unizik.

Law is studied by the following institutions as a whole Aaua, Aau, Abuad, Al-Hikmah, Coou, Ajayi, Aue, Babcock, Basu, Baze, Benin, Biu, Bowen, Bsu, Cuab, Edwin, Clark, Esutech, Gregory, Ibadan, Igbinedion, Jabu, Jos, Ksu, Lagos, Lasu, Lcity, Nasarawa, Ndu, Ntnu, Oau, Phc, Pol-Acad, Uniosun, Rsust, Eksu, Renaissance Umyuk, Unn, Noun, Uniosun, Uyo, And Yosu.

Similarly, Islamic/Sharia Law is offered by 3 institutions, private and Islamic law is offered by only 1 institution, common Islamic law is offered by only 1 institution, and common and Islamic law is offered by 3 institutions.

Public and Private International Law are offered by 2 institutions, criminology and security studies are offered by 2 institutions and common law
offered by 1 (Ilorin) institution.

In conclusion, these courses are rated the best with the advantage that they have in Nigeria, there is high relevance for law, Agriculture, Tourism, Guidance and counseling, and French even with or without available employment opportunities, it is easier for one to develop and create opportunities.

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