How to Conceive Twins Without Fertility Drugs

How to Conceive Twins Without Fertility Drugs is carefully explicated in this article. We understand that many people…

How to Conceive Twins Without Fertility Drugs is carefully explicated in this article. We understand that many people wish to have twins.

Tips on how to conceive twins

How to Give Birth to Twins
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There have been a lot of misconceptions about the subject of giving birth to twin babies. While many people are afraid of having twin children, others anticipate the ultra-scan result to confirm the presence of twins in their bellies. In recent times, there have been some superstitions on how to improve one’s chances of having twins.

Twin births are a situation in which two eggs get fertilized by the sperm and result in two embryos sharing the same uterus at the same time and being birthed at almost the same time.

Twin birth can also be possible when one egg after being fertilized by the sperm splits into two embryos in the womb. In the past, it was rare to have a twin birth but in recent times, almost 20 percent of births across the world have been twin births and giving an average of one twin birth in every 250 to 300 births.

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Research has shown that women who get pregnant with the aid of fertility treatment or those who are over the age of 35 can easily conceive twins.

There are two types of twins generally; identical and non-identical. Identical twins are a product of one egg splitting into two after fertilization while non-identical is a result of the fertilization of two separate eggs. The identical twins often look very much alike with very little disparity.

How to Give Birth to Twins

Some factors determine the birth of twins. There are three main factors that make the birth of twins possible and we will find them out in this article.

Factors Determining the Birth of Twins:

1. Family History

A woman whose family has a track record of twins will likely birth twins because of the strength of the blood in the family. When talking about family history, oftentimes, a woman whose mother’s family has twins stands a higher chance than the one whose father’s family had twins.

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2. Age Factor

More likely, older women of 35 years and above stand a high chance of conceiving twins because they have what it takes to produce more than one egg at a time.

3. Fertility Treatment

Technology can also be employed in the quest to birth twins. In the US for instance, fertility treatment has been responsible for the increase in the birth of twins.

Most fertility treatments given to women aid them to conceive twins such as Intro Fertilization (IVF). It doubles the possibility of birthing twins by the women who get the administration of the treatment.

Realistically, the birth of twins is only possible if there are two eggs present at the time of fertilization by the sperm or if a fertilized egg splits up.

Should this happen, a woman stands a high chance of getting pregnant with twins. Sometimes, after fertility treatment, specialist doctors take out two eggs, fertilize them, and put them back into a woman for the birth of twins to be made possible, but this process is often done carefully to avoid the complications that come with multiple births.

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If you have a link to twins’ birth in your family line, especially, your maternal family, you’re most likely to give birth to twins but if this is not applicable, you should opt for the fertility treatment factor explained above.

We are not in any way saying you cannot still have twins, but without the above-listed and explained factors, it becomes by chance.

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