4 Areas of Law Practice in Nigeria

The Law Profession and types of law in Nigeria
4 Areas of Law Practice in Nigeria will bring to your perusals the rudiments of the law profession…

4 Areas of Law Practice in Nigeria will bring to your perusals the rudiments of the law profession and the types of law as practiced in Nigeria.

Types of law courses

4 Areas of Law Practice in Nigeria
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4 Areas of Law Practice in Nigeria:

1. Criminal law

2. Civil laws

3. Corporate Law

4. International Law

Law is a system of rules and regulations that are created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior in order to make society function efficiently and harmoniously.

The legal system protects the rights and responsibilities of both individuals and groups and ensures social and economic interactions are conducted smoothly and peacefully.

Essentially, laws serve as the primary mediator of relations between people and shape politics, economics, history, and society in various ways.

Laws can be made by a single legislator or a collective legislature, resulting in statutes, by the executive through decrees and regulations, or by judges through precedent, normally in common law jurisdictions.

In Nigeria Laws are made by the Legislators, implemented by the Executives, and interpreted by the Judiciary.

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The Law Profession in Nigeria is of different types

The following are the major types of Law as practiced in Nigeria:

1. Criminal law

This is the law that deals with conduct considered harmful to society as a whole that is prohibited by statute, prosecuted, and punished by the government. This system of laws is designed to protect society from wrongful actions.

Criminal Laws can be in the following forms:

a. Road/ Traffic laws

Examples: Driving in an unregistered vehicle, Willful damage to vehicles, not wearing a helmet, etc.

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b. Public order (peaceful and safe community)

Examples: Drug use, carrying of weapons in public, Rioting, Protest marches (staying non-violent), Assault,

c. Defamation

Examples: writing things about people that are not true which harm their character etc.

d. Property

Examples: Trespass, Littering, Vandalism, and Intentional damage.

e. People

Examples: Rape, Murder, Harassment, Suicide, and Sexual abuse.

2. Civil laws

Civil law is the kind of law that is concerned with the private affairs of citizens. It helps to solve problems that occur between individuals or groups.

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Examples include:

Contract law (agreements, responsibilities). Not allowed to break a contract, Marriage.

Employment laws like the reason for firing someone, wrongful dismissal, age discrimination

Family law like abuse of children, domestic violence, etc.

The Law of Torts like compensation (dog biting), accidents involving other animals, others injuring themselves on your property, etc.

3. Corporate Law

The main function of corporate law is to take care of business and make it abide by the law. And Corporate lawyers help clients and professionals to run their businesses while staying within legal boundaries.

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4. International Law

This law is concerned with the rules made by customs or treaties, recognized by the nations for trading and building relations with each other.

An international Lawyer needs to take care of the legal practices on an international level.

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