4 Spheres of the Earth and their Importance to Man

4 Spheres of the Earth and their Importance to Man are listed and explained in this article. You will find this informative and helpful.

Importance of Spheres of the Earth to Man

4 Spheres of the Earth and their Importance to Man
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The earth’s spheres consist of four spheres which are the Biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and Atmosphere. These spheres have various importance to the livelihood of man.

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Importance of Biosphere to Man

  1. The plants which exist in the biosphere provide food for man.
  2. Some residual parts of the plants provide a source of energy like firewood for man.
  3. The plants also provide clothing materials like cotton and wool for man’s use.
  4. Timber is gotten from plants that exist in the biosphere and is used as a form of shelter for man.
  5. Economically, the proceeds of the biosphere provide raw materials like timber, hides and skin, and cotton for industrial use.
  6. Activities that are done within the biosphere provide employment for man.
  7. It helps the balancing and purification of atmospheric gases, e.g. carbon dioxide during respiration and oxygen during photosynthesis.

Importance of Lithosphere to Man

    1. Lithosphere forms the basis of all the settlements of humans.
    2. All the mineral resources that have been discovered and will be discovered in the future are derived from the lithosphere.
    3. It helps transportation through the construction of roads, railways, and airports of which cars, trains, and airplanes fly.
    4. All farming activities are carried out on the lithosphere thereby providing food for man.
    5. Most human activities like mining and trading are carried out on the lithosphere.

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Importance of Hydrosphere to Man

    1. Hydrosphere provides water for domestic uses and other purposes, e.g. bathing, washing, drinking, and cooking.
    2. It also serves as a medium of transportation which is very recreational.
    3. It provides water not just for domestic uses only but mainly for industrial uses.
    4. It provides food to man for instance fish, crayfish, stockfish, prep winkle, and other seafood.
    5. It provides employment particularly to members of that community, for instance, fishermen or even boatmen.
    6. It becomes a medium for sporting and other recreational activities such as swimming, and diving.
    7. It can also be used to generate electricity, like hydroelectric power.
    8. It is used in agriculture in form of rain or irrigation.
    9. It also serves as a tourist center e.g. rivers and beaches.

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Importance of Atmosphere to Man

  1. The atmosphere is the habitat of some (or most) living organisms excluding living and non-living things
  2. It provides oxygen for animals and on the other hand, it provides respiration plants for respiration.
  3. It provides carbon dioxide for photosynthesis which is mostly used by plants.
  4. The oxygen provided by the atmosphere is used for combustion or burning.
  5. It provides nitrogen for plants which is basically called protein synthesis.
  6. It acts as a Greenhouse which is one of its unique features.
  7. The atmosphere is a medium of communication through the use of air routes.
  8. It contains the ozone layer which acts as a protective cover for living organisms against the burning effects of the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Conclusively, these major sphere of the earth has this essential importance to man.

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