How to Be a First Class Student

How to Be a First Class Student will be given in this article, and as you follow the…

How to Be a First Class Student will be given in this article, and as you follow the guides provided here, we wish you success.

How to Make First Class in Nigeria

How to Make First Class in Nigeria  
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Success comes when opportunity meets preparation but if there is anything indispensable in the life of a student that is willing to make First Class, it is studied.

According to many intelligentsia, the word student is derived from the idea of studying. For most students, the University is a radical departure from what they had hitherto known.

In terms of curriculum, physical size, pool of students, and the complexity of courses offered, the University surpass lower levels of education.

Many experience a “pseudo-culture shock”- anxiety, fear, and uncertainty arising from the demands of a new environment. You need neither be an addle nor become a dilettante.

To adjust and integrate into the university community, many students often wonder and inquire about how to make a first-class in Nigeria. This careful and practical guide will be considered to help students attain their height of success.

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Secrets of First Class Graduate

Here are guides on How to Make First Class in Nigeria:

1. Manage your Time

Time is an important factor for a student that is willing to make First Class. You need to allocate time for your studies.

Do not decide on a length of time that will make your duties a burden but, whatever you do decide and see that it is adequate and live up to your decision.

2. Don’t go back on your decision and yourself

If you determine that you shall study for five hours a day, then let that decision stand without distractions. Sometimes there could be other obligations than you need to choose which is your priority at that moment knowing that you have a target of making the First Class.

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3. Draw a daily plan

Carefully draw up a plan of how each day will be spent and how every hour will be successfully utilized.

4. Concentrate

Concentration is one thing that many students lack but if you are willing to make First Class, you need to concentrate solely on everything you do with purpose and determination.

Never let anything else take your energy especially when it is not important or not in line with your decision.

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5. Choose a convenient place for your studies

As a student having the aim to make First Class means you need to take responsibility for learning, have the right environment for your studies, follow a system and a planned schedule and handle tests and examinations seriously.

6. Take Responsibility for the outcome of your effort and improve upon it

Nigerian University students often blame lecturers for their failures while crediting themselves with success. An Educationist noted that poor students tend to blame their poor school performance on sources beyond their control.

This shifting of blame is frequently unjustified; it is often due to laziness, lack of self-motivation, and lack of determination on the part of the student.

Students who are willing to make First Class take the responsibility for learning using a personal motivation to keep them going and set definite challenging but achievable goals.

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7. Be Deliberate

A First Class student performs better at a task when he or she previously establishes concrete, realistic goals for himself or herself than when he or she just ambitiously but fortuitously strives at the task. Goals help you perform a task with purpose and determination to succeed.

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