How to Start a Zoo in Nigeria

How to Start a Zoo in Nigeria will be discussed in this article. This is to guide you…

How to Start a Zoo in Nigeria will be discussed in this article. This is to guide you into executing your plan of owning a zoo in Nigeria.

How to Start a Zoo Business

How to Start a Zoo in Nigeria
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Are you looking for a business that is not overcrowded or over-flogged? Look no further. Start a zoo business in Nigeria. A zoo is a tourist destination.

Human beings love seeing wildlife outside the distant reality of the television set. You can put up a few animals and make people pay you to look at them. Read on to learn how to open a zoo in Nigeria.

How to Start a Zoo in Nigeria

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1. Develop a business plan for a zoo

To start your zoo project, you need to develop a business plan for it. How big will your zoo be? Are you going to run the zoo as a sole proprietorship business or as a partnership?

Where do you wish to locate your zoo? What is the report of the feasibility study you conducted about the viability of the business in Nigeria?

How many expanses of land do you need? Do you have personnel with expertise in running a zoo? How many animals can you accommodate? What kinds of animals or wildlife do you intend to raise?

How will you get the animals? What plans do you have for their feeding? You must understand that a zoo business is not like any other kind of business, hence the necessity of the questions.

By the time you are done answering these questions, you will come up with a guide to the fulfillment of your business purpose.

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2. Obtain a suitable location

After your plan, acquire a location that is suitable for a zoo business. Your land should be expansive enough to allow the animal room to roam. The vegetation should encourage the survival of the animals.

If you can get a location that has a little stream running through it, it would be better. The zoo should also be in a remote and interior but accessible place.

3. Set up the facilities

Now that you have acquired land, you need to start putting things in place. Build the necessary facilities and obtain the needed equipment.

The types of facilities should be determined by your location, the categories of animals you intend to raise, the topography, and the general nature of the environment.

Your land should also be well-fenced. You equally need to obtain a license from the government to operate a zoo.

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You will also need to have the following personnel for your zoo:

  • Zoo guides
  • Veterinary doctors
  • Zoo attendants
  • Animal caregivers

4. Acquire the animals

When the facilities are ready, get the animals with which you want to stock up your zoo. If you have no idea where to get the animals, search on the internet for zoo animal suppliers around you.

You could equally ask someone with experience in that sector. You can also reach out to other zoos. Stock up your zoo with as many animals and species as possible.

If you cannot acquire many breeds at the initial stage, endeavor to acquire the rare ones and gradually improve your stock as the business moves on.

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5. Register your zoo

You need to register your zoo business with the appropriate authorities. Get a business name. Advertise your zoo. Take pictures of rare breeds in your zoo and post them on your social media pages. Spread word about your zoo.

Reach out to schools and other organizations for patronage. Before you start a zoo, just know that opening a zoo is capital intensive. You need millions of naira.

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