How to Become Indomie Distributor in Nigeria

How to Become Indomie Distributor in Nigeria brings to your perusal the necessary step to step guide on…

How to Become Indomie Distributor in Nigeria brings to your perusal the necessary step to step guide on how to become an Indomie Distributor.

How to Become an Indomie Distributor in Nigeria
How to Become an Indomie Distributor in Nigeria – Photo Source:

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Are you a lover of noodles? Is Indomie your favorite brand? If the answer is yes, why not make a profit from it instead of just consuming it?

Yes, you can be a distributor of Indomie instant noodles in Nigeria. Becoming a distributor of Indomie noodles in Nigeria is not difficult provided you have the capital. The market demand for noodles is very high as noodles have gradually become a staple food in Nigeria.

The Indomie brand is the most widely consumed brand. It is produced by Dufil Prima. So you do not have to bother about the availability of consumers.

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Here are the Required Steps on How to Become an Indomie Distributor in Nigeria

To become an Indomie distributor in Nigeria, you need to take the following steps:

1. Get registered

To become a distributor for Indomie in Nigeria, you need to be registered with the company. With this, you will be conferred distributorship rights which makes you entitled to any bonus enjoyed by other registered distributors.

This is advisable if you have a big sum of money and intend to distribute the product in an area with a large customer base.

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Dealing directly with the company will require you to commit a huge amount of money. Besides, getting supplies directly from the producers of Indomie is cheaper and will raise your profit margin and return on investment. You will be supplying to sub-distributors and making huge profits.

2. You can also contact individuals or enterprises that are also distributing the Indomie brand

If you do not want to deal directly with the producers, you can contact a big distributor close to you to put you through.

You can even subscribe through a major distributor and distribute it under them. It is still profitable. Meeting other distributors gives you the opportunity to make in-depth findings.

You can even learn from their mistakes through shared experiences. These large-scale distributors can introduce and connect you to retailers who would patronize you.

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3. Get a warehouse

You need a warehouse to stock your commodity once you have registered. Your warehouse should be large enough to accommodate your stock.

When getting a warehouse, there are certain things you should take into consideration. Make sure the location is safe and has an adequate presence of security details. Also, make sure the warehouse is accessible. It should not be situated at a location that has no motorable road.

It should be accessible to both supplying vans and sub-distributors who will be coming to place orders and take some goods home. You also need to acquire distribution vans and other vehicles for delivery to help you deliver to your retailers.

4. After acquiring a warehouse, the company will send the goods and your warehouse will be stocked full of Indomie noodles

You need to have the company flex banners, logo, and other printable advertising models decorated on your business premises.

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You do not need to bother yourself about vigorous advertising as the company does it. In fact, this is one of the reasons Indomie is widely consumed: the fact that the company creates enough awareness about the product. Just reach out to sub-distributors in the area as well as other retailers and watch your distributorship soar.

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