5 Ways to Stop Jungle Justice in Nigeria

5 Ways to Stop Jungle Justice in Nigeria are listed and discussed. The incessant incidents of jungle justice…

5 Ways to Stop Jungle Justice in Nigeria are listed and discussed. The incessant incidents of jungle justice are alarming, especially in Nigeria.

Dangers of Jungle Justice

5 Ways to Stop Jungle Justice in Nigeria
Jungle Justice in Nigeria – Photo Source: https://www.change.org

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The rate at which it is happening is on the increase, suspected criminals are being mobbed, beaten and most times burnt to death.

We take laws into our hands to humiliate and slowly torture our fellow humans to death accompanied by excruciating pains purely based on assumptions.

According to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, anybody suspected of a crime has the right to defend his/herself in a court of law, and until proven guilty he or she is presumed innocent.

Whether a person is guilty or not, even if caught in the act, it is not our responsibility to pronounce judgment or give a death sentence as witnessed oftentimes.

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There is absolutely no excuse for this inhuman act, no justification whatsoever. As law-abiding citizens we should always report crime incidents to the necessary authorities, there is always a nearby police station where we can walk in and make complaints or take any suspected criminal too, for legal and appropriate actions, rather than take laws into our hands.

What if the person alleged to be guilty turns out to be innocent, will we ever forgive ourselves? That is a big question we need to ask ourselves whenever we want to engage in jungle justice.

Whenever we indulge in jungle justice we break the law, this act is barbaric, inhuman, condemnable, and unacceptable.

Meaning of jungle justice

Jungle justice is also known as mob justice is an illegal, lawless, and unauthorized act of publicly subjecting an alleged criminal to excruciating torture, pains, beatings, and assault leading to execution (most times by burning) by a group of people or vigilantes. This is a disregard for the rule of law in Nigeria.

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How to Stop Jungle Justice in Nigeria

Here are How to Stop Jungle Justice in Nigeria:

1. The government should pass a bill against jungle justice in Nigeria

A working bill should be passed, prohibiting the act of mob justice in Nigeria. It should be stated clearly that, it means disregarding the rule of law, and that it is a punishable offense. There should be serious punitive measures for anyone involved in mob justice.

2. Offenders should be punished

Often time the perpetrators of jungle justice do go unpunished. Offenders should be made to face the consequences of their actions to warn others and possibly discontinue such a vile act.

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3. Security Agencies should be closer to the people

They say the police is our friend but we hardly see them around, most times before we could run to the police station to report, they have already been done.

Police and other security agencies should be found patrolling the streets to check for misconduct. Their presence alone will influence the actions of the people and deter them from taking laws into their hands for fear of being reprimanded.

4. The judiciary should be transparent and timely in passing judgment

Most people opine that we witness jungle justice because the judiciary is often biased, not transparent, and timely in its judgment.

Some even argue that when suspects are taken to the police station it is believed that with influence and money, they could be granted bail without paying for their crimes and then they will come back and continue terrorizing the community. The Judiciary and security agencies should play their parts, so people can believe in the system.

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5. Sensitization/Education

Many people are not aware or claim not to be aware, ignorant should not be an excuse. People should be made to understand, that it is against the rule of law and a punishable offense to partake in jungle justice so they could take caution.

The government should put together enlightenment programs to dissuade people from engaging in mob justice. Many people are not aware or claim not to be aware.

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