8 Ways to Generate Great Ideas

8 Ways to Generate Great Ideas are discussed in this article to guide you in getting a business idea…

8 Ways to Generate Great Ideas are discussed in this article to guide you in getting a business idea that will change your financial status.

Ways to generate new ideas

8 Ways to Generate Great Ideas
8 Ways to Generate Great Ideas – Photo Source: https://www.allthingsworkplace.com

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Some people want to get into business without knowing what they will be doing in the business. Business in an informal definition means busyness.

A business is a busy venture with the intellect always at work. Today’s world is filled with many opportunities for one to convert to a profitable business venture but a big question still settles in the minds of many and one such question is ‘How do I get a business idea that will turn into a profitable business?’

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8 Ways to Generate Great Ideas

To get a new idea, you need to take note of the acronym SCAMPER. We are going to deal with this letter by letter:

1. S – Substitute

Substitution is simply putting in place. You can be very successful in life if you can substitute something that is done in an analog way with digital.

Substitution pays. Anyone who brings a substitute that can make work easier and faster is always listened to. Look around you, what can you substitute?

A mobile phone was once limited to making calls and sending text messages until someone substituted it and made it a device of almost all functionalities.

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2. C – Combine

Where substitution does not work, combining works. Looking at the case of the mobile phone again, a single mobile phone does a lot of things today, from capturing images to designing graphics to surfing the internet. Everyone wants to get more for less and if you can combine enough, you will find an idea that you need to succeed.

3. A – Adapt

Nothing in today’s world is entirely new. What simply happens is an adaptation. One thing that makes good businessmen travel around the world is to copy a good concept and adapt it to the environment where they operate their businesses. How well you adapt can be a determining factor in the success of a business idea or the growth of your enterprise.

4. M – Modify

After you copy a concept from another place or person, be creative enough to make some adjustments to the idea. Don’t just copy and paste, edit!

Sometimes, you need to modify what other people have done and made it look like a fresh idea. For instance, cornflakes are just a modified way of selling corn.

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5. P – Put to other Use

Some things that your immediate community uses solely for one purpose have dual functionality. Those who supply screens for churches or halls to use in projecting have only realized that the same television that is used in watching programs can also be used in projection.

Everything you see today or will see tomorrow has simply existed in another form and what you see is just something that is being put to other use.

6. E – Eliminate

Take up the idea of another person, subtract one or two things from it and you will get another brand-new idea. Daily, for instance, new energy-saving bulbs enter the market and make waves.

These inventions are not new on their own, they are merely another idea that has been minimized or eliminated

7. R – Rearrange

You simply have to re-order the normal flow of thought and you will get a new thought. Same works with an idea. If you can tamper well with how people believe or see things, you’re on your way to getting a new idea. In the real sense, if you can scamper right with an existing idea, you will get a better one.

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Note: number 8. below is a bonus point!

8. Meditate

You need quiet space. Meditation will help you clear your mind of daily business and stress. It’s hard to come up with great ideas when your mind is crowded with everyday thoughts and concerns. Then you can quietly focus on your future – or on solving world issues.


Following these guides will give you new ideas. The world is now appreciating new ideas as almost all old ways of life and things are becoming moribund.

Those are guides on how to get a new idea!
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