Bathing a Baby: 15 Simple Steps

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Bathing a Baby in 15 Steps

Things To Do When Bathing a Baby
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The baby’s skin is delicate and should not be allowed to be dirty. His, skin like that of an adult, needs to be protected, and regulate the body temperature of the baby.

The baby needs to be to enable the Baby to transmit information to the brain through the nerve ending. It is important to keep the baby’s skin fresh and clean through a regular bath.

Baby bath time is also an occasion for getting acquainted with the baby, playing with him, and talking to him. When he gets old enough, he enjoys kicking and splashing the bathwater. This article will focus on how to bathe a baby and the necessary procedures for bathing the baby.

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Things To Do When Bathing a Baby

Below Are Things To Do When Bathing a Baby:

1. First and foremost, prepare yourself by putting on protective clothing such as an apron over your cloth

Wash your hands with a sponge and soapy water. Remove any rings and bangles that might injure the baby. Ensure that your fingers’ nails are short.

2. Prepare the bathwater

Test the temperature with your elbow. It must not be too hot. It should be comfortably warm. Pour cold water first, then add hot water gradually until the desired temperature is obtained.

3. Lift the child from his Cot and undress him

Hug and allow gutty to do a little kicking and stretching exercises briefly.

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4. Wrap the baby warmly in his or her Large soft towel

 5. Place the baby on your lap,  then hold him gently.

6. Clean baby’s face with a soft washcloth without soap

His eyes and ears do not need any cleaning beyond what they get when his face is washed. Use only a soft washcloth wrapped around your finger to wash the ears and the nose.

7. Once in a while, you may find a little mucus in the baby’s nose that should be removed

To remove it, twist a small piece of cotton, moisten it slightly with water or use a cotton bud and clean the opening of the nostrils using a twisting motion. Avoid pushing it up to his nostrils. The baby’s mouth does not need to be cleaned.

8. Wash his head or scalp. Do not get any soap into his eyes

Rub a little soap into his eyes. Rub a little soap on his scalp thoroughly. Holding him up with his head over the side of the bath, dip the washcloth into the water and rinse his scalp with clean water. Dry his face and head gently with a soft face towel.

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9. Unwrap the large towel and take off the napkin

If the baby’s buttocks are soiled, clean them with cotton dipped in warm water.

10. Wash over the baby’s body gently, using a little soap on the washcloth

Make sure that the creases or Floods in his neck and arms between finger and toes, in each groin, and in the navel are thoroughly washed.

11. If the baby is a girl, push apart the floods of the vulva (the outer parts of the genital organs) and wash carefully.

For baby boys clean around the genital organs carefully too. After washing, rinse the baby’s body carefully using a washcloth dipped in clear water.

Do not leave any soap anywhere on the baby’s skin, as it might cause irritation. Occasionally, you may want to give him a bath with just cleaning using soap all.

12. Dry baby gently with the small dry towel by patting, not rubbing

Do not forget the body creases.

13. Put a few drops of oil or lotion in your hand and pat it on the baby’s body by paying attention to the creases and folds of the baby’s skin.

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14. Dress baby up quickly to prevent him from feeling cold with nice clothes and napkin or Pampers

15. Brush or comb the baby’s hair

The baby can be wrapped up in his or her shawl if the weather is cold.

This is important to feed the baby and put the baby gently in his or her cot to have a nice sleep.

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