Functions of National Bureau of Statistics

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This article is aimed at informing you of the Functions of the National Bureau of Statistics and also outlining its strides towards its mandate realization.

An overview of National Bureau of Statistics

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Functions of the National Bureau of Statistics

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The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) is the main National Agency that is responsible for the development and management of official statistics, the basic source and custodian of official statistics in Nigeria.

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Functions of the National Bureau of Statistics

Being an agency saddled with the responsibility of overseeing the statistical data in Nigeria and in a bid to actualize its mandate, the National Bureau of statistics performs the following functions.

1. Outlining laws and regulations on statistical work

It is a major responsibility of the National Bureau of Statistics to issue out information on laws, rules and regulations to be followed and strictly adhered to in statistical works as a matter of National interest.

Being that statistical data remains a very invaluable tool in Nation building, a proper organisation of such has been a major function of the National bureau of statistics.

2. Outlining of National statistical standards while reviewing and approving statistical standards by other government departments

This is done to ensure uniformity in operations across statistical units and agencies.

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3. Data control and dissemination

The National bureau of statistics performs a task of complete verification, approval, administration and publishing of major national statistical data and to regularly circulate same to the general public as it pertains to the national economic and social development.

4. It also controls the national statistical information system and the national statistical database system

These are done to make sure that statistical data are always kept intact and easily available when needed. This has greatly helped in good policy making.

5. The National Bureau of statistics also helps to supervise and fully inspect the enforcement of statistical laws and regulations

This is done to ensure compliance with the already established laws on statistics.

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6. Assists the federal government in good policy making

The National bureau of statistics continuously generates socio-economic statistics on all areas of development in Nigeria.

This information helps the government to know the areas which need special attention and vice versa. Statistical data of this nature helps government in good policy making just to favour all the sectors of the economy.

7. The National Bureau of statistics also helps to coordinate and supervise statistics qualification examinations for award of professional titles for statisticians across the country.

8. The National Bureau of statistics also functions to organize and control the effective administration of national statistical survey projects.

This is simply because in line with its mandate, all statistical data must be standardized.

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9. General support to other statistics affiliated agencies

The National Bureau of statistics gives support to other sub agencies involved in management of statistics in Nigeria. This is because the National Bureau of statistics serves as the mother agency for statistics in Nigeria.

In all, it can be seen that the National bureau of statistics has played a great role towards ensuring that statistical data are used meaningfully towards the sustainable growth and development of Nigeria.

Since its inception, the Agency has lived up to the expectations.

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