Wema Bank Salary Structure in Nigeria

Wema Bank Salary Structure in Nigeria will be discussed in this article. It will be of great benefit…

Wema Bank Salary Structure in Nigeria will be discussed in this article. It will be of great benefit to you to know this before your interview with them.

Wema Bank Salary Structure 

Wema Bank Salary Structure
Wema Bank Salary Structure – Photo Source: https://businesstrumpet.com

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In this article, we will be considering the pay package that this prestigious bank delivers to its numerous staff in reward for their monthly efforts at their duty posts.

Wema Bank has its corporate head office situated at Wema Towers, 54 Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos. This bank is among the top 10 highest paying banks in Nigeria and their salary structures feat alone prove that the bank is a major successful contributor to the banking system not just in terms of affairs but also the welfare of staff ranging from Entry Level to senior executive level.

As a young graduate, you are probably trying to analyze the most paying bank and after submitting your application letter, sooner or later you will be called for an interview at the Bank’s headquarters, it is to your disadvantage if you go there without having a prior understanding of the salary scheme of the bank.

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Going through this article will erase all iota of ignorance and will put you at a better chance of not pricing down yourself because you’ll have the needed information as regards the salary structure of Wema Bank and even the SBOs (Senior Banking Officers).

One important piece of information about how to get a job in Wema Bank is that job applicants are expected to have had banking experience before except for an Entry level position.

Wema Bank has a training school for theoretical, practical, and real-life training which gets the newly employed staff prepared for the task ahead.

It is in the course of the training that the employees are acquainted with the pros and cons of the banking sector after which he is assessed at the end of the 4 months of compulsory training.

Thereafter, the trainees will be sent on a compulsory attachment for two weeks with various Wema Bank branches within the city and upon completion of the training, successful trainees are selected while the unsuccessful are rejected.

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Wema Bank Salary Structure

Here are Wema Bank Salary Structures:

Entry-level Staff’s Salary

Entry-level staffs at Wema bank earn between the sum of N95, 000 and N120, 000. A good example of this phenomenon is seen in the Transport and loan recovery department. The higher the responsibility the higher the pay.

Graduate Trainees’ Salary

Graduate trainees at Wema Bank earn within N40, 000 to N65, 000 naira every month during their training period. After the training period or probation period, their salaries are reviewed and they earn a salary range of between N90, 000 naira, and N125, 000 naira every month.

Bank Tellers Staff’s Salary

Bank Teller staff earn an average salary of N60, 000 – N75, 000 monthly.

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Customer Service Officer’s Salary

Customer Service Officer smile home by the end of the month with their N65, 000 – N80, 000 salaries for a job well done.

Digital Marketer’s Salary

Digital Marketer – The digital marketers who work to promote and market the bank as far as technology is concerned earn between 76, 000 – N80, 000 naira monthly.

Senior Banking Executives’ Salary

The salary of a Senior banking executive is N350, 000 Naira and above with bonuses and other profit.

Basic-level Staff Salary

The basic level staff earns between N95, 000 and N120, 000 monthly according to their sections and unit.

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Contract Staff’s Salary

The Contract Staff earns a steady sum of N30, 000 monthly which amounts to N360, 000 monthly. They are not entitled to any raise or bonuses from the company because just as their names imply, they are in the bank just on a contract basis

In summary, Wema Bank’s salary structure for fresh entry-level graduate and all levels of staff is quite encouraging though could still be improved upon a note that just as the pay package may be encouraging, the responsibilities attached to this job is quite demanding, therefore, get your mind prepared for it.

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