GTBank Staff Salary Structure

GTBank Staff Salary Structure
GTBank Staff Salary Structure will be discussed in this article. This will give you the information you may…

GTBank Staff Salary Structure will be discussed in this article. This will give you the information you may need on their salary structure.

GTBank Contract Staff Salary 

GTBank Staff Salary Structure
GTBank Staff Salary Structure – Photo Source:

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One of the most famous banks in Nigeria is GTBank. It is known for its easy and convenient service delivery.

It is not as old as most of the banks we have in Nigeria but it has a good reputation amongst her sister banks, customers as well as staff.

GTBank is a technologically inclined bank as almost all of its services have been personalized to meet the needs of the clients.

Talking about the salary structure, the take-home packages for the staff of the bank is outstandingly amazing.

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GTBank Staff Salary Structure

Below is a detailed list of GTBank Staff Salary Structure:

Interns and Graduate Trainees

Most banks like GTbank give room for students who have just finished their course to do their industrial attachment with them.

Upon working, the students are not allowed to go home un-catered for as they are compensated monthly with a salary of about 30,000 naira as well as chances to attend periodic training that will sharpen their banking skills.

The graduate trainees are those who have graduated from the three-month banking training offered by the bank. Most banks in Nigeria offer this training in order to intimate their staff about what is obtainable in the banking halls. They earn about 45,000 naira.

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Entry-level staffs

The entry-level staff takes home monthly about 209,000 Naira from the bank as their monthly remuneration as well as some other periodic benefits.

Customer Service Officers

They usually fall amongst outsourced staff in the bank. They get their pay usually from the agents who employed them and the bank pays about 230,000 naira to the agents.


Marketers are very important in every bank because they bring in clients for the bank. Targets are set for them to reach and they try as much as possible doing whatever they think is possible to meet the target. As a way of appreciating them, the bank pays them an average of 108,000 naira.

Executive Assistants

Executive assistants earn between 143,000 and 162,000 naira monthly, depending on the location of the bank and the department within the bank. They assist the bank manager to carry out specific functions within the bank.

Banking Officers

The banking officers earn between 300,000 and 400,000 naira monthly

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Loan Officers

Because of their hard work and dedication to the growth of the bank, these set of people rise in ranks as Loan Officers and they earn up to 510,000 naira per month; a handsome reward for their tireless service and dedication to the bank.

Credit Analysts

Credit analysts are among the top earners in GTbank. Their monthly remuneration is about 450 – 500 thousand naira.

Branch Managers

It is almost very difficult to find a GTBank branch manager because of the limited number of branches that they have, but in the nearest future, the bank hopes to have more branches.

As a branch manager in GTbank, a lot of juicy privileges are attached to your office as you smile home with a whooping sum of 800 to 970 Thousand Naira as well as an official car and a well-furnished apartment.

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This excludes the fact that as a branch manager, you are sometimes invited to the table to share in the company’s profit especially if your branch made more profits.

Please, note that the prices here are just estimated. The actual salary ranges from person to person, branch to branch, and years of experience.

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