8 Common Household Pests

8 Common Household Pests are listed and explained in this article. You will find this informative and helpful for your research.

Some Common Household Pests

8 Common Household Pests
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A pest is a harmful creature that is commonly found around us. They could be very tiny or as big as a rat. For the sake of this article, a household pest is a pest that lives in our homes and can be seen around us.

In this article, we are going to have a closer look at some of the common pests that cause disruptions in our households.

1. Ants

These are very tiny creatures that sometimes could cause great damage or discomfort to us in our homes. When it comes to finding food, ants seem to be very ambitious such that they easily locate foods, especially ones that have not been properly stored.

As small as they are, there is rarely a household where they do not establish their presence and no matter how high your sugary substance may be kept, little ants will surely locate them.

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2. Spiders

Have you ever walked around your house only for your face to be covered with cobwebs? That is usually the work of the spider.

Spiders are quite useful outside our homes especially on the farm because they eat up other insects that would have probably harmed our plants but when it comes indoors, spiders are not usually welcomed because of the cobwebs they create as well other negative impacts that they have on our health.

3. Cockroaches

These are some of the deadly pests in our homes. They eat up our valuable items like books, boxes, food, and chairs and even, cause rashes on the human skin.

The Cockroach does not take so much time to reproduce as it lays its egg on any surface it finds and within a short period of time, these eggs mature into a cockroach.

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They are commonly found in toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens, and from there, they move on to other parts of the home where they continue their damage.

4. Mosquitoes

Despite the efforts of man to eradicate this monster that has taken the lives of so many already, mosquitoes are still found around our homes.

The mosquitoes are the host to the deadly parasite that causes malaria and even when a home is protected with mosquito nets, the mosquitoes still find their way and penetrate in order to continue their damage.

5. Flies

Keep your doors and windows open you’ll have flies as your guests. They are winged pests that are found in the home.

They are always on the lookout for uncovered food or food items, wounds on the body of a person or pet, etc. When they dwell on these things, they cause further damage, sometimes, they lay their eggs on them and fly away.

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6. Millipedes and Centipedes

With their numerous legs, they carefully sneak into our homes and eat the things that are still of value to us. Looking at them, they may seem not to be dangerous but a closer look at some of their activities reveals otherwise.

7. Wall Gecko

This creature which looks like a lizard, is always on the walls and hidden places in the home,  although it helps a bit in stopping the activities of the cockroach since it uses them as meals, it also has its own woes and should not be allowed a breathing space in our homes

8. Rats

Rats are dirty animals that find their way into our homes. They come in and just like the cockroach, they eat up papers, leftover food, food items that are not well kept, and other valuables on a larger scale. A rat could find a dwelling place in your home and be there for so many months without your knowledge.

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There are quite a number of these pests, others may include; tsetse fly,  earwigs, silverfish, stink bugs, lizards, etc. Every day, we should look for ways to eradicate these pests from our homes as they do not promote healthy living.

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