Animal Diseases Caused by Microorganisms

Animal Diseases Caused by Microorganisms are listed and explained in this article and we do hope that you find it informative.

Animal Diseases Caused by Microorganisms

Animal Diseases Caused by Microorganisms
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Disease is a state of ill health. It implies that some parts of an animal’s body are not functioning properly as they should.

It is an alternation to the normal functioning of the body. Diseases can be due to pathogens or physiological factors, poor feeding, poor management, and adverse climatic conditions.

When an animal is affected by a disease, certain symptoms or signs are manifested. Such symptoms include abortion in pregnant animals, loss of weight, emaciation, poor growth, etc.

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Some common Animal Diseases Caused by Microorganisms are listed and discussed as follows:


These are organisms that through their feeding habits cause physical damage or discomfort to other organisms called the hosts. Examples are houseflies, lice, mites, mosquitoes, sandflies, ticks, and tsetse flies.


These are classes of organisms that live on or in the host permanently. They establish a physiological relationship with their hosts and rely on them totally for food and protection. Examples of parasites are fleas, lice, liver flukes, mites, roundworms, tapeworms, and so on.

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These are micro-organisms that cause diseases in farm animals. Examples are bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses, among others.

Malnutrition and Nutritional deficiency

This is a condition that results in some diseases in livestock. This can be linked to interference with the nutrients example absorption of certain nutrients by some parasitic agents which include the worms tape-worms, round-worms, liver flukes, and other parasites.

The parasitic agents make the essential nutrients unavailable for animal use. Diseases due to nutritional deficiency can be corrected by administering the right amount of the deficient nutrients to the animal and by getting rid of harmful parasites in the animal’s body.

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These are also pests that cause physical damage to their hosts and transmit diseases causing organisms to farm animals. Examples of vectors include tsetse flies, ticks, mites, flies.

Diseases Causing organisms

There are various micro-organisms that can cause diseases in farm animals. Based on the type of microorganism causing a particular disease.

Bacterial Diseases

These are diseases caused by bacteria which are simple, single-cell microorganisms. They can be easily found. Examples of bacterial diseases include fowl cholera, typhoid, contagious abortion, mastitis, tuberculosis, anthrax, etc.

Viral Diseases

These are diseases caused by viruses. A virus is a minute transmissible particle that can only survive inside living cells.

The process of multiplication causes disease and the eventual death of the infected animal cells. Examples of viral diseases in farm animals are rinderpest, foot and mouth disease, and swine fever.

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Protozoa Diseases 

These are diseases by protozoa. Protozoa are simple unicellular organisms and are mainly microscopic. The majority of them live in any location which means that it is free-living but some live in colonies. Examples of protozoa in farm animals include trypanosomiasis, babesiosis, etc.

Conclusively, when diseases in farm animals are not adequately controlled, they cause a huge economic loss. Managing diseases effectively requires large sums of money, time, and other resources.

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