12 Ways to Keep Children Safe at School

12 Ways to Keep Children Safe at School are listed in this article. You will find this informative and helpful for your research.

Safety rules for kids at School

How to Keep Children Safe at School

12 Ways to Keep Children Safe at School
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Every child has a right to Education but in the quest of giving their rights, every school must make sure that they provide a level of safety or security for every child that learns within the school compound.

Sometimes, children fall prey to attacks and other terrible situations in the school because the school owners or managers have failed to put some of these safety measures in place.

1. Every school ought to have the home address and parent address of every child in the school when the child is admitted in case of emergency situations that may require the attention of the parent.

2. Children’s blood groups, genotypes, and ailments should be recorded in the school’s office; this information is very important to take care of any emergency that may arise with the health of the child.

3. Children should not be sent to school alone. So many things may happen to the child on the way and if there is no adult, the child may stand the risk of a casualty.

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4. The management of the school should put its foot on the ground in enforcing the rule that only parents should come for their children at the end of the school day to avoid any child getting missing in school and should any parent be unable to come for their child, they should inform the school on time and make proper arrangements while not leaving the teachers in total darkness.

5. Every classroom in the school should be properly ventilated; preferably, every class should have cross ventilation to avoid the class being so stuffy.

6. When it comes to practicals, every session must be properly overseen by a teacher, no matter how simple the experiment may be, children should be guided at all times to avoid any form of accident.

7. Immediately after a child is discovered to be sick in school, it should be addressed and treated. No child should be left on their own to treat himself. This is why it is imperative that every school have a first aid box and at least, a trained First Aider.

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8. Children who have been infected with contaminated diseases should not be allowed to stay in close range with other children to avoid the spread of the disease. If possible, the infected children should be taken home and should not return until the disease is properly treated.

9. Corporal punishment should not be given in the school to avoid scars or dislocation on the bodies and bones of the children. Other forms of discipline should be adopted in place of corporal punishment.

10. Children should be taught by the teachers not to accept foods from others no matter how appealing the food may be to avoid unnecessary issues in the school and prevent poisoning.

11. The school building should be properly secured and if the school can afford it, CCTV cameras should be installed on the school premises in situations where the school cannot afford it, and security personnel should be made available to monitor every movement in the school, especially by visitors.

12. Children should be taught in school against sexual abuse.

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If these tips are adhered to, the schools will be very safe for children to learn.

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