DIY Tips that Keep San Diego Clean

DIY Tips that keep San Diego Clean are listed and explained here. These do-it-yourself (DIY) tips will guide you to keep your environment clean.

Ways of Keeping the Neighborhood Clean and Healthy

DIY Tips that Keep San Diego clean
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San Diego is one of the cities in California, one of the states out of the United States of America. It is on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The other states which share the same border with it include Los Angeles and Mexico.

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There are approximately 1.5 million people inhabiting the city. Based on geography,  the City is the second-largest city in California and the eighth-largest city in the United States.

Amongst other things, San Diego is noted around the world for its neatness. The government has put in a lot of measures to ensure that the city is clean at all times and at this time,  San Diego stands as an exemplary city when the issue of cleanliness comes to mind.

It is the happiness of every government to provide a clean and safe working environment as well as surrounding for its citizens.

Hence, In this article, we will bring to light three of the Do-It-Yourself tips which have made San Diego as neat as it is. If it has worked for them,  it sure will work more for your community.

DIY Tips that Keep San Diego clean

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DIY Tips that Keep San Diego clean are as follows:

1. Community Cleanup or Recycling events

This beautiful city provides a kind of community clean-up program which are aimed at helping the residents of San Diego to dispose of refuse or properly recycle some things that do not qualify for the city’s refuse collection or recycling collection containers. This is done through the Department of Environmental Services. They do this in a very beautiful and orderly way;

First, they give flyers in advance to those who live around where the program will be done notifying them of the date on which their refuse and recyclables would be picked up and the residents understand that if there’s do not receive flyers, they are not eligible to approach the dumping sites or put their refuse out on the said date because it will not be picked up.

To ensure effectiveness,  such cleanup programs are done up to 40 times a year to cover up the places where refuse was not picked up initially.

Each of the community clean-up programs collects about 25 25 tons of refuse and about 9 tons of things that can be recycled. this has to curb some unnecessary dumping of refuse in illegal places such as drainages, alleyways on the street, or landfills.

as soon as an area is selected, a staff member from the Solid Waste Code Enforcement works hand in hand with the groups to know the neighborhood to distribute flyers, informing the residents that are included in the exercise about necessary information regards to the cleanup such as the date and time.

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2. Automated Refuse Collection

This helps to ensure a more efficient and safer reception of wastes collected from residences. To make this possible,  the government of San Diego gives out a trash container that is of standard size and shapes to all residents of the city.

These containers have hydraulic arms which are easily grasped by the automated arm attached to the trucks which are used to dump refuse into the overhead compartment.

So far,  this automated refuse collection system has helped to save more money and time as much as it has equally reduced the associated injuries that come with refuse collection by truck drivers. Because of the automated system,  the government has saved a whopping  36 million dollars in a period of 20 years (1999-2019)

3. Law and Order

Of course, despite government regulations and other measures put in place by the government, there are a few people who really default on the law. So the government brings up a team to monitor how refuse is being dumped in every area of San Diego.

The enforcement team is called “Solid Waste Code Enforcement Officers” and they are charged to different parts of the City to help citizens keep their neighborhoods and community devoid of trash.

They go around the neighborhoods served by the programs which are adjacent to the curb and respond to cases that relate to waste code violations reported by residents of the community.

In order not to be found wanting by these officers,  citizens are then advised to put out their containers every morning before 6 am on the days when the trucks will go around collecting waste instead of putting it out the night before.

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The government also opens up a website for citizens to lay waste code violation complains and it is not about laying the complaints, the complaints are judiciously followed up to make sure that the perpetrators are brought to book.

If every country, state, or region in the world can follow this pattern,  there will be less litter on the streets and drainage systems and every street can be as clean as San Diego.

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