Physical and Emotional Changes During Adolescence

Physical and Emotional Changes During Adolescence are discussed in this article. We hope you find it informative and helpful.

Physical and Emotional Changes During Adolescence

Physical and Emotional Changes During Adolescence
Physical and Emotional Changes During Adolescence – Photo Source:

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A person between the ages of 12 to 19 is usually considered to be an adolescent. This person is usually not a child nor should be regarded as an adult, he is at the point of struggling to gain his stand and have a voice of his own.

This stage of life usually comes with its own challenges as the adolescent tries to blend with adults but finds out that he or she is not the same with these sets of people.

At this stage of life, the adolescent begins to develop and discover some things about himself, and society at the same time tries to whispers some other things to him.

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Changes That Adolescents Face and How to Handle Them

The challenges of the adolescent are so much. In this article, we will look at the challenges that these people face in a bid to get their stance in the world they find themselves in.

The adolescent is always faced with the problem of having to adjust or adjusting to his or her physical changes. As a girl, she has to cope with developing breast and menstruation.

Oftentimes these changes come with pains especially menstruation and the adolescent at this point needs a lot of menstrual education on hygiene to avoid any vaginal infection.

On the other hand, the boy has to cope with a changed voice, a developed, bigger penis and testicles, and the discharge of semen. Most boys feel very uncomfortable about this development of the body.

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School counselors and parents should guide the adolescent with love and the adolescent should know that these changes are a blessing and not a curse rather show the maturity of his or her body.

Generally, these changes make some adolescents moody, anxious, even clumsy, and uncomfortable.

The problem of independence rises especially at the adolescent stage. The adolescent tries to gain independence from his or her parents and to become a self-directed person.

At this stage, he or she wants to own a room in the house for privacy or even wants to do things his or her own way. The adolescent should be meant to understand that the right decision will help him or she avoids errors in life with the guidance and help of counselors.

The adolescent needs to excel with an excessive desire for achievement. The adolescent strives to understand the meaning of life and is so concerned about questions regarding religion, ideas, innovations, etc.

The adolescent at this point should be guided with positive thinking. Adults should avoid using negative words as this could affect their self-esteem to a large extent.

Some guardians and parents forget that even the adolescent has physical needs such as balanced food because as the body develops, he needs new clothes and other wears.

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Guardians should understand that the adolescent will outgrow the old things they did as children and should try to meet their needs through these needs are insatiable.

Generally, the adolescent wants to be important and be a person of worth. Every adult should encourage them with wise counsel as they have a glorious future as time ticks.

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