Facts about Sex Education

Facts about Sex Education are discussed herein. This will help to enlighten you on the need for sex education. We hope you find the article informative.

What is Sex Education

Why is Sex Education Important for Teenagers?

Sex Education
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In our society, cultural practices often prevent parents from introducing their children to sex education. The children are thus left to obtain incorrect information about sex from their friends, magazines, novels, etc.

If adolescents are to develop healthy attitudes towards sex and sex differences, they must be given accurate information about sex. This article will focus on some key issues of sex education which can be helpful to adolescents.

As adolescents mature into adulthood, they need to be properly taught the issues relating to sex and marriage. When they are not allowed to learn rightly they try to obtain sex information from any available sources and in some cases, they do so wrongly.

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It is, therefore, necessary that the adolescent be helped with a well-planned sex education program and the issues relating to marriage.

Once an adolescent start establishing free relationships with members of the opposite sex, they should be correctly taught about sex and other related issues. Thus, they need proper sex education before they experience the tumult of sex activity and sexual desires.

Adolescents should understand sex organs and their functions. They should be made familiar with the basic reproduction process.

Reproduction is the process by which plants and animals give rise to offspring. For reproduction to occur in human beings, there must be a union of two sex cells, the egg, derived from the female parent, and the other the sperm from the male parent. This fusion takes place in the reproductive system.

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The female reproductive system is made up of two ovaries, each one on each side of the waist on the dorsal surface of the abdominal cavity.

Each of the ovaries produces one egg every month. Two oviducts or fallopian tubes each leading from each ovary to the uterus. The uterus or womb in which the fetus develops. The vagina is connected to the uterus and leads to the vulva.

On the other hand, the male reproductive system is made up of two tests which are enclosed by the scrotum and attached to the pubic region. Sperms or male sex cells are produced in the testes.

The sperm ducts are tubes that carry sperms from the testes to the seminal vesicles, where sperms are stored until they are ejaculated.

Since sex education is simply an instruction about sex and related issues, it is proper for girls to observe optimal hygiene during menstruation.

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They should use good absorbent sanitary pads. and prevent the menstrual blood from staining their clothes. A girl should have a bath at least twice daily during her period. A local bath of the vulva region can be done in the afternoon.

Adolescents should not indulge in unhealthy sexual experiments and activities. Nigerian traditions and customs regulate sex and demand that sexual activities should only occur within marriage.

Furthermore, unwholesome sexual indulgence by adolescents has serious consequences on the girl child. A girl who indulges in frequent sexual activities with men will lose her self-respect.

She may contact with different kinds of vaginal infections and venereal diseases which could make it difficult for her to bear children in the future. Boys can also contract venereal diseases too. She may find it difficult to adjust to married life in the future.

Poor adjustment could lead to a broken marriage. A girl also runs the risk of having an unwanted pregnancy which often has serious consequences. Undisciplined sexual activities can lead young girls into serious crimes such as prostitution.

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Finally, wholesome relationships among adolescents who have common interests and are sincere to one another can be allowed to last long provided this relationship is sincere and godly.

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