10 Benefits of Breastfeeding For Both Mom and Baby

10 Benefits of Breastfeeding For Both Mom and Baby are listed in this article. We hope you find it informative and instructive.

10 Benefits of Breastfeeding For Both Mom and Baby

10 Benefits of Breastfeeding For Both Mom and Baby
Benefits of Breastfeeding For Both Mom and Baby – Photo Source: https://www.youtube.com

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Breastfeeding is simply the natural way to feed a baby. It is surprising to know that this experience is enjoyable for both the mother and the baby.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

To the mother, the anxiety of becoming a mother especially if that is the first baby and to the baby, the ability to feed on the mother’s milk recreates a sense of connection between the mother and the child.

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Here are the Benefits of Breastfeeding:

  1. Breast milk contains antibodies that protect the child against disease infection. These antibiotics help to fight against infection and prevent other health problems.
  2. Breast milk is easily digested and absorbed by the baby. One advantage of breastfeeding a baby naturally is that no preparation is made but the milk is naturally in liquid form and absorbed by the baby directly.
  3. Breastfeeding the baby makes the baby not readily constipated.
  4. Breastfeeding helps the mother’s womb to return to its normal position after childbirth.
  5. It is cheaper than artificial feeding. Unlike the baby’s artificial milk, which can be easily contaminated during preparation and storage. Natural breast milk cannot be contaminated.
  6. It does not require any elaborate preparation and does not require sterilization of facilities.
  7. Breastfeeding affords both mother and child a comforting and satisfying experience. It brings both very close and so promotes the mother-baby relationship.
  8. It is sterile and free from disease germs. Thus, gastroenteritis is not common in breastfed infants.
  9. It is produced at the right temperature.
  10. It contains more of the nutrients necessary for the baby than any other food. It is very important to breastfeed a baby whenever it is possible. It is only one way of showing a mother’s love for her baby. The milk that is produced in the first few days is called colostrum. It helps clear out the baby’s first sticky stools called encomium.

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Furthermore, the importance of breastfeeding has its guidance which makes it unique. The mother should wash her hands and then clean the breast with a clean wet soft cloth.

Then sit comfortably and carry the baby close to you. Help the baby by holding the breast in such a way that he or she can easily get the nipple into his mouth.

It is also important to hold the breast away from the baby’s nose so that he can breathe easily. Let the baby nurse at both breasts, but the first breast should be emptied before he starts on the other.

Once or twice when the baby is feeding, it may be necessary to stop and give him a chance to get up any swallowed air by winding him.

Winding can be done at the end of the feeding. To wind, hold the baby up so that his stomach is against your shoulder, and gently pat his or her back to help him or her gets the air up. Clean the nipples after each nursing. Wear a clean brassiere that gives you good support.

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Conclusively, supplementary feeds should never be introduced before breastfeeding has been established except based on medical prescription or doctor’s advice. Breastfeeding the baby has natural anti-bodies which shows its essentiality.

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