Areas of Agriculture

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Areas of Agriculture are listed and discussed in this article. We hope you find this informative, educative and able to solve your research needs.

Agriculture has a lot to do with planting of crops and rearing animals for man’s use and those who intend to study agriculture must know all there is to know about agriculture; these include how plants and animals grow and develop, what they eat, how they reproduce, the conditions where they grow better and a lot of other very important areas of agriculture.

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Areas of Agriculture

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The general name used in agriculture for the plant is ‘Crops’ while ‘Livestock’ is used for animals that are reared by farmers.

Areas of Agriculture

The study of agriculture also involves the studying of other subjects which are very vital for the proper understanding of how crops and animals grow properly. Hence, Agriculture can be subdivided into the following broad areas:

Soil Science

Agriculture is incomplete when soil is out of it. Whether a farmer wants to concentrate on the planting if crops or rearing of animals, he needs to fully understand the soil.

Different types of soil are suitable for the growth of different types of crops. Some crops grow very well on a particular type of soil but do not do very well on other types of soil.

Some other crops need the soil to be prepared specially before they can grow well while others do not. It is therefore very important for agriculturists to study the nature, types, and properties that are suitable for different types of crops.

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Crop Science

It is not enough to understand the soil, a good farmer need to understand the crop too. Farmers need to know the types of crops they are planting, how it grow, what is expected of the crop or the farmer during the planting process and a lot of other necessary factors. Hence, there is a need for a farmer to be acquainted with the structure of crops and how to take care of them as they grow, mature and get ready for the process of harvest.

Animal Science

In the previous point, we looked at crop science. Just as it is important for farmers to know about the crops they cultivate, it is important that they equally look at the animals they rear.

Not all animals are expected to be exposed to the same conditions when being reared or kept, some of them, just like the crops needs very special attention above others, hence the farmer needs to put these things into check.

Veterinary Medicine

This is quite synonymous to being a Medical doctor. Veterinary medicine is a special branch of agriculture that is concerned with the study of the disease and pests of the animals that are kept and raised in the farmland (livestock).

The livestock on the farm also gets dick just like human and when they do, they need medical attention else, they may die or retard in growth.

Those who are experts in treating sick animals are generally referred to as ‘Veterinarians’. Their work also extends to the treating of pets such as cats, dogs, pigeons, and horses.

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This is the science of growing fruits, vegetables, and other ornamental crops. Because this form of agriculture deals majorly with plants, it is a special kind of crop science. Those who have a specialty in growing horticultural plants are referred to as horticulturists


This is a area of agriculture that deals with the growing of trees especially the ones that grows in the forest so that they can provide us with timber and non-timber products; this areas of agriculture also sheds light on the lifestyle of some of the animals that lives in the forests such as; deer, monkeys, elephants, buffaloes, lions and zebras.


This area is mainly concerned with the study of fish, how they are caught from the rivers, seas, lakes and also how they are produced from artificially constructed ponds. Fishery does not, however, focus on fishes but also on other aquatic animals.


The ultimate of everything done on a commercial farm is for-profit and where profit is mentioned, money is inevitable.

The area of agricultural economics has to do with understanding and managing the finances that come in and out of the farm.

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Agricultural Extension

This area is mainly concerned with helping and advancing the course of the farmers to make more money both for themselves and other farmers by constantly improving upon the available to enhance the development of agricultural practices and by doing this, a farmer will naturally produce better crops and livestock from his farm.

Farm Mechanism

Sometimes referred to as Agricultural Engineering, their areas of agriculture covers the loads and machinery used in agricultural activities, how they work and what to do when they develop a fault or the other.

You must have come to the realization of how wide Agriculture is and virtually, it is an art and also a science. Should more persons get involved in the different areas of agriculture in the country, there will be more than enough food and meat for the country.

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