5 Importance of Agriculture in Nigeria

5 Importance of Agriculture in Nigeria are listed and explicated herein. We hope you find it informative and able to meet the demands of your research.

Importance of Agriculture in Nigeria

5 Importance of Agriculture in Nigeria
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Agriculture, being “the cultivation of crops and rearing of animals for man’s use” is a very crucial part of the development of humans and the build-up of the economy of every nation as it plays a very important role.

Basically, agriculture provides food and you will well agree that essentially above every other thing on earth, food is a necessity without which everyone would die in just a matter of time.

In a country like Nigeria where poverty is on the rise, over 70 percent of the Nation’s population live their lives on the proceeds gotten from the little subsistence farming that they do.

It is out of the proceeds that they either eat directly or when in excess, sell out to get money so that they can buy the things that they cannot get from the farm.

In this article, we will look in detail into the importance of agriculture we believe that after reading this article, you will have a great understanding and really appreciate agriculture as a noble aspect of the economy.

Importance of Agriculture in Nigeria

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The following are the Importance of Agriculture in Nigeria:

1. Food Production

All the foods that we consume on a daily basis are proceeds from agriculture. Should there be fewer agricultural practices in the country, there will be less food and an increased rate of disease, premature death, starvation, and every other terrible condition.

It is the inadequacy of farmlands to produce good food for the citizens of a country that has led to the undue terrible conditions that people live in most of these countries and also lead to the importation of food.

Some countries like Ethiopia, Sudan, and Somalia are already short of adequate food to feed their citizens and they subscribe to the importation of food should there be a hike in price, a lot of persons suffer and die.

2. Production of Shelter and Clothing

Apart from the first few years of the existence of the first man and woman on earth, men have always worn clothes and sought after shelter.

Agriculture brings to the table these two necessities of humans. The clothes we were are all gotten as a result of agriculture; the houses we live in would not have a roof over it should agriculture be eliminated completely from the economy of a nation, even the footwear and other clothing are made possible by virtue of agriculture.

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3. Sponsors industrialization

Most of the finished products we use today are the first raw materials in the hands of the farmer for example; most persons have never seen cocoa in its raw state but we have all eaten the proceeds of cocoa which without agriculture, the factories which produce dome of these beverages would run short of raw materials and get out of business.

The agricultural products that sponsor industrialization are sometimes called Industrial Raw Materials and some of them include; Tea leaves, coffee beans, palm oil, cocoa beans, Cotton, Wood, Animal Skin, etc.

4. Sources of Revenue

Simply put, Revenue is money that is gotten from the activities of trading. When you sell some products from the farm, the farmers and Government continue to get some revenue and this has made so many farmers (like Former President Olusegun Obasanjo amongst others) stupendously rich.

The generated revenues by the farmers are also taxed by the government and the money generated from the taxes helps in the development of the country.

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5. Provision of Jobs

Many people who do not have anything to do often take up activities of farming to sustain themselves or even their families.

Other people go to higher institutions and become certified farmers or agriculturists which would have been nearly impossible should agriculture not have been in existence.

As you have read above, agriculture is very important for the growth and development of the nation because once a person has eaten and lived well, only then can he think about ways of improving the community or environment where he finds himself.

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