History of Agriculture in Nigeria

History of Agriculture in Nigeria is discussed here. This is to bring to your knowledge about how we got to where we are today in agriculture.

History of Agriculture in Nigeria

History of Agriculture

History of Agriculture in Nigeria
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Because the concept of agriculture is not clearly defined, many people limit the definition of agriculture to the cultivation of the earth to grow food and crops that can be sold to get money for the man.

When critically analyzed, it will be discovered that agriculture is diversified and has so many other branches which interrelate and makes up agriculture apart from the general idea of the cultivation of crops for man’s consumption.

As a result, agriculture is the science and practice of growing crops and rearing animals in order to facilitate the provision of food and other materials that are used on a daily basis.

History of Agriculture in Nigeria

How Agriculture Started

It is of great importance for those who want to study agriculture to know the history and get acquainted with how it really started so that they can be better equipped to ask and answer questions where necessary in order to add up to their present skills in agriculture.

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Of course, should doubt arise in regards to any field of discipline, those who are into the field often refer to the past; the same applies to the intending agriculturist, if there is any inconsistency regarding the past and present, the person will, therefore, know what to do and what to subscribe for.

The practice of agriculture is as old as the existence of humans. The first set is if the human who lived on earth actually got their foods from the act of gathering fruits and leaves from wild plants and also got their meat from hunting down wild animals.

They were quite unsure of having enough to eat unless they could gather enough food to sustain them for a period of time.

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The early people at that time began to fully recognize the types of plants and animals that they liked eating and began to plant these crops and rear the animals so that they can have them easily whenever they wanted to eat any of them and instead of moving from one place to the other, they began to learn how to create life wherever they settled by planting the crops around them.

Eventually, the places where they planted these crops and reared the animals became their villages and they lived there.

The early people that lived on this earth were generally called hunters and gatherers because of the actions they carried out as explained in the previous paragraph.

Through the knowledge of the fact that the seeds they threw away were becoming new plants, they consciously began to grow these seeds, and gradually, deliberate agriculture set into the lifestyle of men. The revolution of agriculture became the same time in different places and continents.

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Howbeit, not all the crops were cultivated in the same place. Some parts of the world had some crops that other parts did not have and this has been the interest of agricultural scientists to ensure that every part of the world had the same species of crops planted in their locality although some factors act against the science.

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