5 Common Heart Conditions

5 Common Heart Conditions are listed and explained one after the other in this article. You will find it helpful and informative.

Most Common Heart Disease

5 Common Heart Conditions
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Everyone knows about heart attacks and most people have probably lost a loved one to this attack but quite, but unfortunately, a heart attack is not the only heart condition that people often face, there are a number of heart conditions that people face and in this article, we will bring to light some of the most common heart conditions that people usually go through.

1. Valvular Heart Disease

The heart has four different valves and quite, unfortunately, each of these valves may sometimes develop problems.

Sometimes, some children are born with heart valve problems and in adults; certain infections could cause the disease in adults.

Some of the types of valvular heart disease include; mitral valve prolapsed, endocarditis, Aortic valve regurgitation, mitral valve regurgitation, aortic valve stenosis, and mitral valve stenosis.

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2. Aortic aneurysms

This is a heart condition that happens when the aorta which is the large blood vessel that is responsible for carrying blood from the heart to the other parts of the body becomes enlarged or develops a bulge as a result of a disease that is inherited or longstanding high blood pressure or high cholesterol. When the Aortic aneurysms burst as they may sometimes, the consequences can be very serious.

3. Coronary Artery Disease

This is the most common heart disease and it happens when bad cholesterol builds up some plaque in the arteries of your heart.

In the early stage of Coronary Artery Disease, no symptom is shown, and when the plaque becomes large enough to block the flow of blood that is when you begin to feel symptoms like difficulty in breathing, Chest pain, and undue tiredness.

Although, chest pain is more common in men than women. If the plaque splits, a blood cot may form and block the artery to your heart and as a result of the blockage of the artery by the clot, the blood may be unable to deliver oxygen to some parts of the heart and because of this, some of the muscles of your heart will become damaged, sometimes permanently and this is what is usually referred to as Heart Attack or Myocardial Infarction.

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4. Heart Failure

The heart is a muscle that contracts and relaxes in order to pump blood incessantly to all the parts of the body. If the heart of a person becomes stiff or weak, the valves of the heart begin to have problems, and other conditions of the health change or reduce the ability of the heart to pump, this is called Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).

Even with the name or explanations that have been given above, when a person has CHF. It does not automatically imply that there is a cessation of the working of the heart.

The disease simply means that the heart is not pumping enough blood that is is required by your body to function well, alternatively, it is pumping blood at a very high pressure above the normal and as a result of this, some fluids back up from your heart into your lungs, abdomen and other parts of your body. Most heart failure patients could sometimes have these two symptoms.

5. Arrhythmia

This is a condition where your heart beats too fast, irregularly, or too slow. Though there are many types, some of them are; Premature ventricular or atrial contractions, Atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter, and Supra ventricular tachycardia.

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These are some common heart diseases that people are mostly diagnosed with and some of them are mostly confused with the general name ‘Heart Attack’.

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