What Can Regenerative Medicine Be Used For

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What Can Regenerative Medicine Be Used For

Regenerative Medicine in Nigeria
Regenerative Medicine in Nigeria – Photo Source: https://www.rolandberger.com

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‘Regenerative medicine’ has been defined as the process of replacing or “regenerating” human cells, tissues, or organs to restore or establish normal function.

Scientists grow tissues and organs in the laboratory and safely implant them in the body of a patient who has been diseased or injured and the body is unable to heal on its own.

So far, the liver is the only organ in the body that has been found to be self-regenerating after an injury. University of Nebraska Medical Centre traces the history of regenerative medicine to the 1950s.

It is believed that the successes of the earliest kidney transplants, pancreas, lungs, liver, and heart, transplants made scientists suspect the possibility of tissues being grown in labs and then harvest for use in the human body.

This is just a simple representation of a complex procedure called stem cell therapy and tissue engineering.

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Yella Hewings-Martin refers to the stem cell therapy concept as taking cells from a donor and putting them into a patient to treat a disease or injury.

Regenerative medicine, according to Dr. David Ikudayisi, has continued to evolve like every other sub-field of medicine.

The Usefulness of Regenerative Medicine

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This evolution has brought about more discoveries regarding how regenerative medicine can be used to cure more health conditions. Below is a highlight:

1. Reverse the aging process

Regenerative medicine has a cosmetic flank that is anti-aging. This makes it really attractive. I mean, who does not want to be forever young?

This will be especially appealing to actresses, models, and celebrities who want to keep wrinkle-free skin for as long as they can because their shiny skin is an integral part of their business. This aspect of regenerative medicine is surely met with their arms wide open.

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2. Remedy for hearth failure

Over the years we have seen this health condition claim many lives but regenerative medicine has brought heart attack patients succor. It only requires cardiac cells from young hearts to rejuvenate the old hearts for normalcy to be restored.

3. Heals spinal cord injury

Since donor cells can be used to treat spinal cord injuries, an individual does not have to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of their lives because of accidents. These cells can be grown in the lab, harvested, and surgically implanted in the accident victims.

4. Remedy for baldness

With regenerative medicine, scientists have discovered a way to activate stem cells to make hair grow. The young men have their hairlines receding alarmingly and embarrassingly have no need to worry because regenerative medicine can help them regrow their hair.

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Finally, some of the diseases which regenerative have had success combating include, Diabetes mellitus, erectile dysfunction, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, joint pain, and some neurological disorders.

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