Raising a Boy and a Girl Together

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How to raise a boy and a girl together

The process of raising a child regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl can be really exciting especially when it is the first child. Parents feel very special to be called a mother or a father biologically.

This feeling even extends to the extended family who feels more honored and special to become new aunts, uncles’ grandmothers, and grandfathers. This article will explore what makes raising a boy or a girl so special to parents.

The feeling of seeing another offering as a new family member can be really special. For example, once the child is born, the parents and other family members unconsciously identify the features of the child and compare them to each parent.

When the child is raised, the boy or girl unconsciously begins to act like the mother or the father in behavior and this can be ready exciting.

Parents love to see another imitate them especially when it is a boy or a girl that they raised and having a baby boy or a baby girl shows that the child becomes a new friend.

For instance, once a child is born the mother understands the baby and is able to tell or dictate the challenge of the baby.

Even when the father carries the baby, he feels so drawn to the child at all times as the child exhibits certain features. The child is raised to see the parents as a comforter and then, he or she longs to see them.

Some children are raised to be carried only by the mother or by the father becomes they believe that mom and Dad are their best and only friends in the world until they are trained and introduced to the system and other people before they start excepting other people.

At this point, the baby believes that no harm can come to them once the mother or father is around. The baby believes that the mother is the most loving person in the world and this explains why a baby can climb things around the mother without fear of falling.

Many darling things are experienced when raising a boy or a girl and this can be so special. The joy of watching a little one sleep, playing with them, answering the enquire questions, watching them eat, and watching them grow can be very exciting to the parents.

When the child learns a new way of doing things, this can be very exciting to the parents. For example, parents enjoy themselves so much or have so much fun when playing with their children.

The aspect of raising a child helps to keep memories alive. Raising a boy or a girl becomes more special and reminds the parents of their early days when they were much younger.

It makes them feel young and this brings back those old memories of their childhood age especially when the child shows certain traits that are traceable to their heritage.

Also, the aspect of raising a boy or a girl unites the family and so much. Some mothers and fathers use this as a medium to play family games and involving the child can make the game very funny and exciting.

Even the feeling of looking at those clothes tagged the best mom or best dad is another exciting feeling. The feeling of even wearing the same color outfit with your baby girl and baby boy is so special especially when they are so petty and famously admired by all.

In addition to this, what makes raising a boy or a girl so special is the teaching given to them by both parents. regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, the man has the opportunity to play his fatherly figure by teaching them how to be a gentleman, humble and kind, the mother teaches them how to cook and help with some domestic chores.

This explains that the process of raising a boy or a girl should not only be left to the mother as their certain fatherly roles that the mother cannot instill in the child and likewise there are certain motherly roles that the father cannot instill in the child.

In conclusion, the process of teaching the child for instance teaching the child to say please, I am sorry and how to treat an elderly person and how to dress can be a very exciting experience.

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