Most Sought After Occupations In The Society Today

Most Sought After Occupations In The Society Today are listed and explained herein. We hope you find the article helpful and informative.

What Jobs are in High Demand Right Now

Most Sought After Occupations In The Society Today
Most Sought-After Occupations In The Society Today – Photo Source:

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According to the Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary, occupation means the act of occupying, possession, and state of being employed or occupied.

Occupation could be said to be something that takes up one’s attention, habitual employment, profession, craft, and trade.

Academia name Oladele defined the word occupation as one’s principal employment, business, vocation, trade, or other means of livelihood. It is a specific job or work activity but mostly it is society-centered.

The question now is how you can realize the occupation that could be urgently required in today’s society considering your expertise, skills, likes, and choice of work.

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Though there are various occupations, this article will only limit itself to a few with clear descriptions and focus on the article topic.

Most Sought-After Occupations In The Society Today

These include outdoor occupation, mechanical occupation, computational occupation, scientific occupation, persuasive occupation, artistic occupation, literary occupation, musical service occupation, social service occupation, and clerical occupation.

1. Outdoor occupation is a form of occupation that involves working outside and it is required daily. Examples of occupants include farmers, surveyors, foresters, sailors, agricultural officers, and estate surveyors

2. The mechanical occupation involves the handling of tools and machines. These tools and machines are used in repairing or building mechanical objects.

One unique thing about mechanical operators is that they are mainly concerned with tools and equipment in the cause of their work.

Thus, those mainly concerned with this type of occupation are engineers, motor mechanics, electrical technicians, watchmakers, and pilots.

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3. Computational occupation is the type of occupation that involves the use of numbers. Examples of occupants are Accountants, statisticians, computer operators, bank workers, bookkeepers, and so on.

4. Scientific occupation is rather concerned with discovering new facts and solving problems. There are professionals such as doctors, engineers, pharmacists, chemists, nurses, and dieticians.

5. Persuasive occupation comprises some types of occupation that deal with people who sell and promote programs and ideas.

Certainly, those concerned with this type of occupation include actors, politicians, radio announcers, authors, lawyers, salesmen, public relations officers, etc.

6. Artistic occupation deals with artists’ work. Every artist personalizes creative works made with their hands and their work involves creativity, design, color, and material.

Examples of artistic occupations include painters, sculptors, artists, architects, dress designers, interior decorators, and cabinet makers.

7. Literary occupation is a type of occupation that is concerned with people who are interested in reading and writing. They include editors, teachers, novelists, historians, news reporters, book reviewers, dramatists, etc.

8. Musical occupations are some groups of people who like singing, playing instruments, going to concerts, and displaying their various talents. Musical occupation includes musicians, music teachers, singers, dancers, composers, and poets.

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9. Social service occupation renders various types of services, that aid in the protection of lives and property. They include nurses, teachers, social workers, boys scouts, girls guides, counselors, tutors, ministers, priests, and personnel workers.

10. Clerical occupation includes all those workers who have various types of clerical duties to perform in their jobs. These include accountants, bank clerks, sales clerks, bookkeepers, secretaries typists, etc.

In conclusion, it could be observed that it is difficult to determine the category into which a given job falls. This is because an occupation could be categorized into two or even three classifications.

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