How to Treat Hair Breakage

How to Stop Hair Breakage in Nigeria
How to Treat Hair Breakage is thoroughly explained herein. This article will guide you to achieve the healthy hair…

How to Treat Hair Breakage is thoroughly explained herein. This article will guide you to achieve the healthy hair you desire.

How to stop hair breakage naturally

How to Stop Hair Breakage in Nigeria
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The nature and texture of your hair affect your looks, nobody enjoys carrying dry, stunted, and brittle strands that break off.

People (especially the women folks) pay more and key attention to their hair as it complements their faces, and makes them appear smart, neat, and more appealing to behold.

Often it is usually very annoying when you comb your hair and then notice the strands of hair that are gone with the comb, the feelings are not palatable at all. Every woman will love to see her hair shiny, healthy, and lush.

What is Hair Breakage?

Hair breakage refers to a visible structural fracture or damage of the hair, giving it a brittle look.

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Causes of Hair Breakage in Nigeria

Hair breakage has many underlining causes which include:

1. Lack of proper conditioning and treatment

Just as you need food to grow and stay healthy, so do your hair. When your hair lacks proper care and treatment that nourishes it, it becomes weak and can break off.

2. Excessive washing of the hair

Washing the hair is not out of place, but when you wash it too much you get rid of its natural oil needed to be in good condition.

3. Drying wet hair with a towel 

As much as tying the hair with a towel after washing seems like the right thing to do, it is damaging to the hair. It can lead to major tangling and subsequent breakage issues.

4. Application of chemical

Regular exposure of the hair to chemicals such as; sprays, dye, and coloring could be damaging to the hair as it is very difficult to keep it healthy and strong in that state.

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5. Excessive Heat Styling

It is a known fact that too much exposure of the hair to heat styling makes it weaker and more prone to breakage especially when you don’t use any heat protectant.

6. Dryness of the hair

When the hair lacks adequate moisture, it becomes very dry and can easily break off.

7. Blow-drying wet hair

Blow-drying wet hair is not healthy for your hair. Also stretching your hair with a brush while you heat it with a blow-dryer is damaging to the hair.

8. Unbalanced diet

Research has proven that protein can fix hair damage but, too much of it makes the hair become brittle. Also, hydration is good for the hair but, too much of it makes strands too flexible. Hence diet must be in its right proportion.

9. Irregular Hair cut

Lack of cutting split ends of your hair leads to eventual hair breakage.

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10. Stress

There is a connection between stress and hair breakage. Telogen effluvium is linked to hair loss. It makes the hair follicles go dormant causing hairs in the middle cycle to break off.

11. Excessive pressure

Strong pressure from hair clips or hair elastics can cause damage to the hair.

How to Stop Hair Breakage 

1. Ensure proper conditioning and treatment of your hair.

2. Don’t overwash your hair to avoid total loss of its natural oil it needs to stay moist.

3. Avoid tying a towel around your head to dry your wet hair, instead, use a paper towel for easy absorption.

4. Avoid extreme application of chemicals to the hair example, hair colorings to guide against hair breakage.

5. Don’t expose your hair to excessive heat styling rather, try alternating with other styling methods that don’t require heat, it will save your strands.

6. Also, avoid stretching your hair with a brush while blow-drying and always endeavor to use heat protectants, it will help a lot.

7. Always ensure that your hair is hydrated to avoid dryness and subsequent break-off.

8. Don’t blow-dry your hair when it is dripping wet, it’s best to allow it to air-dry for a bit.

9. You can also dry with a microfiber or with other heat-styling tools but, make sure you use a heat protectant.

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10. Eat a balanced diet to help protect and repair fractured hair. Good nutrition helps in growing hair.

11. Endeavour to cut split ends of your hair or give the hair a fresh start (major chop) and a chance to grow back in its virgin state when you notice severe damage.

12. Avoid too much stress, to avoid stress-related hair loss or break-off.

13. Don’t exert too much pressure on the hair by using tight hair clips and elastics to hold it.

Those are guides on how to Stop Hair Breakage!
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