Foreign-natural Substance Test

Foreign-natural Substance Test is discussed in this article, with points listed and carefully explicated for your perusal.

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Foreign-natural Substance Test
Foreign-natural Substance Test –

Foreign/Natural Test is a theory that states if an object is natural to the food, then the contract, deal, or guaranty should not be regarded as being harmful by law.

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Conversely, if the object happens to be occurring in an abnormal situation in the living body and is often introduced from outside (not domestic) then the deal is an infraction or violation of the law.

1. The role of the manufacturing process

When a product is produced, it is essential to ascertain how the product was manufactured before it can be approved for societal use.

It is a bit to ascertain its manufacturing process, the foreign natural substance test will be carried out, to check how it is manufactured.

The manufacturing process will reveal the chemical substances used in the production of that product and the components used.

2. Creditability

When it is observed that a particular product has a high degree of harmful foreign substances then such product will not be regarded as being creditable and conversely when is it useful to the body, then it is creditable and must be considered.

3. Observation of the body

In the use of this substance test, it is also applicable that a human body can be used for proper observation and examination.

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In the process of examination, ion a substance can be issued to the subject’s body and a close examination will be observed for about 20 to 30 minutes.

During this period, no other substance is administrated to the subject except if in extreme cases the subject has difficulty in breathing, other substances can be given to sustain their breathing level.

4. Examination of chemical substances

This substance test is also applicable to chemical substances like drugs, medicine, or any other substance uncommon to the greyhound’s body.

The intent of contaminated drugs is highly violated by this test and it upholds that any drugs which can or may have a significant on the racing condition of a greyhound or which can or may affect sampling or testing procedures should be reexamination again before it is taken by the general public.

5. Avoid dry specimens

It is essential to note that the foreign natural substance test is not tested on any dried blood specimens. This is because such specimens are likely to be contaminated and can hardly be easily noticeable.

It also has the possibility of having blood clots and non-uniform saturation with blood oral fluid. This can be very dangerous if such subjects are used as specimens.

6. Organic and inorganic substances

Also, any organic or inorganic substance which may be available or introduced in the components or elements during the production of the products and is considered very harmful should be banned.

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For example, it was delivered he drug enforcement agencies that some drugs were adulterated with various organic substances and pushed to the market and when a substance test was carried out, those drugs were termed as being dangerous to the human body.

 7. Creditability

Foreign substance means any constituent portion that is in an amount that is more than the usual or necessary amount should be violated by the law.

For example, the production of water which is naturally obtained from the groundwater can be produced as reused or reclaimed water, in their production process such water should be adequately tested using the foreign natural substance test.

8. Quality over Quantity

Another example of the Foreign and natural substance test is what content contains a high level of contamination in the production of flour, many producers use the milled wheat batch which is very vital in attaining a good quality of flour and if a substance is introduced to increase the quantity and reduce the quality, then the such company have not a good production quality.

Foreign natural substance tests can also apply to substances like gas, liquid, or solid not excluding a chemical, waste product, steam, water from any Auxiliary Water Supply (like the usual drinking Water or another liquid chemical).

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It seeks to ensure that the substances that may cause contaminants, defilement, or poll the drinking Water contained within a drinking water system, and if such substance exit, there are immediately laid off.


Most times the substance test looks like a waste matter discharged from the body or like solid waste passed out of the body and attached to a carcass. This test is carried out mainly on eatable items and other substances taken to sustain human life.

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