3 Tips to Secure Your Dream Job

3 Tips to Secure Your Dream Job are listed and explained in this article. We hope this guides and directs you to your desired job.

Tips to Secure Your Dream Job

3 Tips to Secure Your Dream Job
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1. Look for Recruitment Agencies and Government Employment Agencies

2. Find a Newspaper Advertisement

3. Have Contact with important persons

Finding a vacancy is a vital step in job finding and requires not only a thorough awareness but also how these relevant sources could be best harnessed when looking for job openings.

Career libraries should be able to stock and supply information on various sources of job openings but since most colleges do not have access to this information, other alternatives have to be considered for possible sources of job information.

How to Find a Vacancy Suitable for Your Dream Job

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Below are How to Find a Vacancy Suitable for Your Dream Job:

1. Look for Recruitment Agencies and Government Employment Agencies

The importance of any recruitment agency is to make job vacancies available to job seekers. In cities such as Lagos, Uyo, Abuja, etc clerical or secretarial vacancies are displayed on recruitment agencies. Most likely these vacancies are advertised on radio stations and television.

2. Find a Newspaper Advertisement

It will surprise you that many national and state newspapers carry job vacancies. An interview with vendors shows that many job seekers do not take these advertise jobs seriously and legit. Newspapers such as Vanguard, Punch, The Guardian, The Nation, The Sun papers, This Day live, Nigerian Tribune, Nigerian Pilot, Leadership, PM News, Daily post, Premium Times, The Independent, Daily Trust, Observer, Sahara Reporters, BluePrint, The Abuja Inquirer, Our Policy and Complete Sports, have classified columns for advertisements. Mostly the pioneer and the Nigerian Chronicle often have advertisements for jobs located in the states from which it originates.

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It will surprise you to know that most of the advised jobs are your dream jobs, white-collar jobs, or professional jobs, and these jobs are not advertised in the newspapers twice and mainly it has an expiration of one to three weeks as the case may be.

3. Have Contact with important persons

If you need that dream job then tell people about it not just anybody but important personalities. The contacted person could be every family friend or a noble church leader or a member. It could be as simple as an old classmate who could link you up.

The essential thing is for the applicant to let his contact person know he is looking for a job and to supply him or her with all the details about his or her qualification, experience, and job preference.

When personal contact is used to find a job, some conditions need to be met. Such conditions include; providing the contact person with a sufficient number of typed curriculum vitae and if necessary indicate specifically the type of job the applicant is looking for so that the contacted person does not waste time looking for a job or finds a job that is not suitable for the applicant.

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The applicant should follow up on any opening that his or her contacted person finds for him and possibly thank him for the concern.

It is vital that the applicant should never exaggerate or mislead the contact person especially about his or her qualification, experience, and other capacities because it can tarnish his or her reputation.

In conclusion, it is also a necessity for the applicant to look for names of companies or organizations that could suit his qualification and send his or her application with no specific position even if the companies did not make publicity for any vacancy but the good thing is that there have this information on their database and could reach out to you in a suitable time.

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