Foods that Worsen Period Cramps

Foods that Worsen Period Cramps are listed and carefully explained in this article. You will find this helpful and informative.

Foods that Cause Cramps During Menstruation

What foods worsen menstrual cramps

Foods that Worsen Period Cramps
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There are foods that should be avoided during the period of menstruation. These foods easily cause and increase the rate of having painful menstrual cramps. This pain can be could be mild, or extremely painful, in most cases, the pain comes gradually.

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Avoid taking excessive Salt

This is a primitive belief that the intake of salt limits the flow of the period. This is nothing but a myth as the intake of salt is capable of resulting in the involuntary withholding of urine popularly known as water retention. Take less sodium and avoid adding salt to an already cooked meal.

Avoid taking Sugary things

Most women have cravings for certain food types which are mostly sugary. This excuse to fulfill the desire can not be compared to the menstrual cramps that will be experienced after the intake of sugar or any sugary liquid, substance, or food.

Many express depression and mood swings when the menstrual cramps and it is advisable to avoid sugar because its effect only worsen the situation.

One should be very conscious of her sugar intake, especially during the period of menstruation, and three to four days before the period of menstruation will relate a sense of relief from menstrual pains as well.

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Do not take Coffee

Coffee is a product of Caffeine or can be said to have caffeine as its major contain. Taking caffeine during the period of menstruation is bad since it causes frequent headaches and other digestive problems.

In situations when there is a pregnancy complication and it is indicated by a doctor that the woman takes excessive caffeine, it can be said to be very dangerous. At least avoid coffee or any caffeine product during the period of menstruation.

Do not take Alcohol at all

A survey was carried out randomly and several respondents were asked if they took alcohol during their period of menstruation and the majority gave a positive response one of the most ranked reasons was that alcohol makes them high since they free dull during their period.

Most of the respondents were ignorant of the fact that alcohol has numerous negative effects on the human body, and alcohol does not just affect the human body but the immune system as well, especially when consumed in excess. This can lead to minor complications such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and so on.

Avoid excessive fried meals

Eating foods containing more vegetables can be very helpful during one’s period. Also, many people find it too boring to take cooked meals especially when the period is associated with pains, and hence, they settle for spicy and fried meals.

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This is vital to know that these spicy and fried meals are not helpful at all as it upsets the stomach even with pain. When this is observed, one should learn to consume more vegetables than these spicy and fried foods.

Conclusively, you have to be very observant to recognize those foods that can trigger issues in your body especially if you experience constipation or diarrhea, or resulting in painful menstruation.

Study the sex hormone fluctuations and how they will influence your gastrointestinal function and seek medical advice if you consistently experience pains during menstruation.

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