How to Become a Human Rights Activist 7 Ways brings to your perusal the necessary step to step guide on how to become a Human Rights Activist in Nigeria.

Human Rights Activist Jobs

How to Be a Human Rights Activist:

  1. Get informed on issues
  2. Commit to small actions
  3. Stand up to discrimination and injustice when you see it
  4. Join a local advocacy group
  5. Have your personal mission statement
  6. Be politically involved
  7. Stay safe
How to Become a Human Rights Activist
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In recent times, there have been widespread violations of human rights, privileges, and entitlements. This is likely not going to stop until individuals and organizations speak out against such.

You may want to be among the brave individuals who choose to take a stand against injustice. A human rights activist is an individual who alone or with others, acts to protect human rights and ensure justice.

A human rights activist can be a journalist, a whistle-blower, a trade unionist, a lawyer, a teacher, a housing campaigner, and others.

If you want to become a human rights activist in Nigeria?

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Here are the steps on How to Become a Human Rights Activist in Nigeria:

1. Get informed on issues

If you are seeking to secure the rights of others, you need to be informed on what challenges they are facing. You cannot fight for what you do not know.

You cannot even contend with what you have no knowledge of.  Find out what other activists are doing. Find out effective ways of getting things done.

2. Commit to small actions

Do not wait to start big. Look out for minor cases of human rights violations in your hometown, local church, class, or somewhere not too big.

Get involved in finding solutions to seemingly small problems. Sign petitions to local governments. Write letters. Tell individuals to get involved in your cause.

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3. Stand up to discrimination and injustice when you see it

Around us, every day, children, adults, the socially disadvantaged, and the physically challenged are discriminated against and cheated out of their rights and entitlements.

You can choose to speak for them, to stand up for them. Do not ignore any instance of human rights abuse that comes to your notice. And no matter how scary it looks stand your ground and obtain justice.

4. Join a local advocacy group

You cannot win the war on injustice alone. Align yourself with a like-minded group. Volunteer for a credible group.

Some international organizations like Amnesty International do have local branches and offices. You can join them as an employee or as a volunteer. This will greatly advance your career in activism.

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5. Have your personal mission statement

Your personal mission statement will be a statement that embraces your values, purpose, goals, and the impact you hope to make on the human rights scene.

A personal mission statement guides your drive and actions. It makes up a very strong selling point when you are applying for an activist job or for financial assistance from sponsors.

6. Be politically involved

The person or persons in power, determine, to a great extent, the human rights atmosphere in the country. Do not be silent during election time. Get involved in voter education.

If you feel a particular candidate is good enough for a post, you can publicly support him. If there is a massive outcry of government-sponsored human rights violations, you can campaign for the ousting of such a government.

7. Stay safe

As a human rights activist, you are there because some persons actively deny others their rights. These oppressors will not be happy with you.

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Hence, you have to be safety conscious at all times. This does not mean you should water down on your activities, but you should be observant and conscious of your environment and who is around you.

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