National Agency for the Control of AIDS

Functions of National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA)

National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) and its functions are listed in this article and we hope you find it helpful and informative.

National Agency for the Control of AIDS

Functions of National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA)
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Currently, Nigeria is Africa’s most populated country with a population strength of about 170 million persons, as a result of the excessive spring up of HIV and AIDS within the country as it was reported that there is a 3.4% prevalence of AIDS, the Federal Government decided to embark on a national strategic work-plan which was referred to as the HIV/AIDS Emergency Action plan in collaboration with the world bank as well as bilateral donors.

However, the project was slated to last for four years and after its expiration, the National Strategic Framework was created with a lot of participation from Civil society, international bodies, the private sector, and Government parastatals.

This too was short-lived and after a period of five years, it ceased to function which paved the way for the National Action Committee on AIDS in February 2000 before it was later renamed the National Agency for the Control of Aids.

The vision of the agency is to ensure that Nigeria becomes a Nation filled with people who are well vested with the full knowledge of HIV/AIDS and also provide adequate care and support to individuals, families, and communities that are faced with the disease as well as becoming the sole agency responsible for the authorization and facilitation of all stakeholder HIV/AIDS activities within the geographical region of the country.

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The mission of the agency hence is to adequately provide policies enabling environment as well as stable ongoing facilitation of practical multi-sectional development, coordinated implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of all HIV/AIDS possible prevention and impacting mitigation activities within Nigeria.

Some of the key things that the National Agency for the Control of AIDS does is that it works to make sure that individual groups or bodies that are responsible for the implementation of the National Strategic Framework activities and objectives get the necessary financial, organizational, and personal assistance that is necessary to undertake and thoroughly complete activities that are assigned in a multi-sectoral environment.

The NACA also functions or assists to make sure that every individual, group, or community who partners in the war against the epidemic sees the National Strategic Framework for national and country-wide coordination of one response.

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Functions of NACA

Apart from the above listed, the Functions of NACA also include the following:

1. They coordinate and put up with advocacy by all parastatals and at different levels for HIV/AIDS and all other Sexual Transmitted Diseases Expanded Responses in the country.

2. They create the basis for the alliance and support for everyone concerned for a multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral response to HIV/AIDS in the country.

3. They develop resent all plans and policy decisions against HIV/AIDS in Nigeria to the Presidential Council on AIDS (PCA)

4. They work on the development and articulation of strategic planning when it comes to the expanded response to HIV/AIDS within the country.

5. They coordinate, evaluate, and monitor how the strategic National Plan for the control of HIV/AIDS and other Sexually transmitted diseases as well as other approved policies are being implemented.

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6. They support research on HIV/AIDS within the country.

7. They facilitate and coordinate the effective mobilization of resources to ensure an effective and reliable response to HIV/AIDS as well as other Sexually Transmitted diseases in Nigeria.

8. They Promote and establish a good connection with those international communities that also fight STDs.

9. They Carry out every other function that may be required of them by the government or related agencies.

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