7 Major Advantages of Population Growth

7 Advantages of Large Population are listed and explained in this article. We hope you find this helpful and able to satisfy your research needs.

Major Advantages of Population Growth

Advantages of Large Population
Advantages of Large Population – Photo Source: https://wokejournal.com

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A large population is grossly defined as a situation in which the number of persons living in a particular region is equal to or greater than the number of resources available for the region.

In this article, we will be throwing more light on some of the advantages of a large population or why it is good to have a large population as it affects the economy of the nation.

Advantages of Large Population

The economic effect of having a large or high population density includes the following:

1. Large labor

when there are so many persons in a country, the workforce will be large, and irrespective of the sector one may delve into, there will always be a workforce awaiting employment in that sector which will, in turn, boost the overall economy of the nation.

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2. Large market

With a high population rate, there is a very large market waiting for their needs to be met by production companies, this leads to less competition by rival production companies as everyone has their own target market and audience to feed on, and the production capacity is enlarged to meet the insatiable need of masses in an overpopulated region.

3. Defence

Because the masses are large, some law enforcement agencies and defense Academies never run short of people to recruit to the agency as against regions where the population is lesser.

4. Quick information dissemination

In areas that are densely populated, the dissertation of information is very easy as people will easily get news and pass it from one person to another without waiting for town criers or other traditional methods of dissemination of information.

The same is equally true for the advertisement or promotion of a brand, once a person is comfortable with your services, word-of-mouth referral starts, and before you know it, you already have a huge fan base.

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5. Attraction to investors

Because of the quest for more profits, investors naturally run away from places that are not very populated, rather they invest more in places that are very populated, thereby, making more profits for themselves that is why in Nigeria, there are more industries in Lagos and Port Harcourt than we have in any part of the country, investors naturally are attracted to the crowd because of a large market for finished products.

6. Urbanization and development

Areas where a lot of people live usually have a rapid rate of development. As long as a place is not populated, development takes a while before getting there but the moment population drives in, development and urbanization set in.

Countries with high populations are normally and naturally respected by some international bodies like the World Health Organization. and the United Nations and these populated regions often benefit from the numerous programs offered by these international bodies.

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7. Attraction of foreign help

Countries with high populations occasionally enjoy foreign help from other developed countries such as the United States of America and Japan.

These and many more are the benefits of a high population. But it will equally do you good to read up our article on the disadvantages of Overpopulation.

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