6 Functions of National Universities Commission notifies you of the functions of NUC and also outlines its strides aimed at mandate realization.

What National Universities Commission

6 Functions of National Universities Commission
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The national universities commission was established in 1962 first, as an advisory agency to the then administration, but it later became a statutory agency in 1974 saddled with the responsibility of overseeing the University educational system in Nigeria.

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Functions of the National Universities Commission

The numerous Functions of the National Universities Commission include but are not limited to:

1. Advising the government on ways of catering to the financial needs of Nigerian Universities 

Being an agency that oversees the activities of the Nigerian Universities, it equally acts as an interface between the universities and the federal government, therefore outlining the challenges of the universities to the government and equally aiding to curb such as they arise.

2. It spearheads the allocation and disbursement of government funds and external aids

As a statutory agency saddled with the great task of overseeing and ensuring a smooth running of the Nigerian university system, it scouts receives allocates, and disbursed funds to universities for their different challenges to be curbed.

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3. It also advises the government on the creation of degree-awarding institutions

The National Universities Commission issues advice to the government on the establishment of new degree-awarding institutions. This is done to ensure that standards are met while increasing the number of institutions in Nigeria.

4. It grants approval for all academic programs

It is the responsibility of the commission to give approval to universities for the commencement of academic programs and activities. This is done to ensure that standards are being adhered to.

5. Routine monitoring of universities

The NUC through its accreditation subcommittee helps in the monitoring and supervision of universities in Nigeria. This is done to ensure that all requirements are met to ensure the smooth running of academic programs. Accredited programs are fully endorsed because it is believed that standards have been met and adhered to.

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6. General Planning of university education

The NUC takes charge of the general planning of the university education system in Nigeria. This goes a long way to ensure that the Nigerian system is in line with international standards.

Course outlines, content, the scheme of works, etc. are being prepared by the NUC to ensure that all the nitty-gritty involved in a particular field are being taken care of, while One studies to obtain a degree.

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Since the inception of the National universities commission, the commission has consistently initiated strides that have catapulted the university education system and such are very commendable. It has lived up to the expectations prior to its establishment.

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