10 Problems Facing Exploitation of Minerals in Nigeria

10 Problems Facing the Exploitation of Minerals in Nigeria are listed and explained in this article. We hope you are educative and able to satisfy your research demands.

10 Problems Facing Exploitation of Minerals in Nigeria

Problems Facing Exploitation of Minerals in Nigeria
Problems Facing Exploitation of Minerals in Nigeria – Photo Source: https://www.legit.ng

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Problems Associated with Mineral Resources in Nigeria

The mining industry in Nigeria is faced with a lot of challenging situations, situations that provoke the sector. These situations make it a little difficult for those engaging in the mining of mineral resources to carry out their primary responsibilities.

In this expository article, we will look extensively into some of the challenges faced in these industries as we await the solutions to be preferred by relevant government agencies.

Some of the Problems Facing the Exploitation of Minerals in Nigeria are:

1. Inadequate capital

In Nigeria, the necessary funds for the mining of mineral resources are always minimal, and not enough at all, and this has led to unsuccessful mining activities within the country’s mining industry.

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2. Poor transportation network 

The major soul of the mining business lies in transportation. Transportation has not for once been cleared in the mining industry, the mineral resources which have been mined already are usually held up in unnecessary places because of the poor transportation system and bad or poor road network.

On most occasions, the areas where the mineral resources are located are often inaccessible because of the bad roads and poor rail system.

3. Use of outdated topographical maps

Most of the topographical maps that are used in the exploration of minerals within the country are outdated and need to be updated.

4. Inadequate personnel

Mining needs a level of expertise, a person who cannot mine professionally usually will not be able to mine, but in Nigeria, there are limited numbers of miners, this has constituted one of the major challenges of the sector, only a few students want to study the mining course, thereby resulting in very few or no technical personnel to carry out mining activities in the country.

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5. Difficult terrain

Most of the miners that are available in the country experience difficult terrain during their ultimate search for minerals and when they eventually fund it, it usually increases their operational cost, making mineral proceeds a little more expensive than they ought to be.

6. Fluctuations in world prices

The prices of these minerals globally are subject to fluctuation. It has never been stable and as a result, there is discouragement in exploration activities.

7. Constant conflicts

There is always a challenge of constant conflicts between the people who supposedly own the lands where mining activities are done and the companies that are coming in to mine the minerals.

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8. Environmental pollution

Most of the areas where mining activities are carried out are often polluted in the quest to mine out minerals because the process of mining releases a lot of waste into the land, water, and air and this waste is not suitable for living organisms, these always lead to death or scarcity of seafood in the waters, death of livestock as well as other living things which includes plants.

9. High level of sabotage

Most of the unpatriotic people who stay close to mining areas often engage in the description, destruction, or temporary shutdown of the mining process.

10. Poor Management

The process of exploring and mining minerals in Nigeria is often closely related to poor management, oftentimes, the person put in charge of the mining activities usually manages it so poorly that it is folded up.

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These are the challenges facing mining industries in Nigeria we hope that the relevant government agencies will look deeply into these situations.

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